The New Faces of Redhead 2012

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Redhead Model Search winners: Arielle, Avon, Emerald
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For months, you have seen me write about probably one of the most interesting events I've attended and covered so far. Being a blogger ambassador for the SM GTW Redhead Model Search is an honor on its own and I'm happy and proud that I was able to be part of it. It actually opened up a lot of exciting opportunities for me as a blogger. Now I'm a little sad cause this entry is actually the compilation of all the things that has happened during the entire leg of the search. Happy, because I'm also announcing you guys the 3 lucky girls who won the search.

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From over two thousand model hopefuls, 13 ladies emerged and were chosen to carry on their quest for fashion model status. They were Ace Morales, Anna Crisostomo, BencelleBanzon, IdeweissOmelig, Janine Barnedo, Kimberly Tolentino, Marie Grace Ramis, Nina Villanueva, Patricia Advincula, Pauline Quintas, Sirene Sutton, Sofia Sibug and Vanessa de los Reyes

After undergoing a series of training and challenges prepared by the Masters School for models, only 3 prevailed and chosen as winners. They were:
They are
Sirene Sutton, Kimberly Joy Tolentino and Nina Villanueva 

Each of them will receive a one-year modeling contract from Elite Models, a cash prize and a redhead clothing allowance. I'm sure this is the beginning of their modelling careers.

PS: I have seen Kimberly Tolentino when she auditioned during the SM MOA Mall Tour of the search. On first sight, I know she'd win (she's tall and all that) and I'm happy that she did.

So girls, if you aspire to be a model, reach for yourdream and join next year's Redhead Model Search.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Sumi Go said…
Congratulations to the three winners! :D On a different note, with your posts about SM GTW, I actually discovered that GTW in SM department store is filled with lots of really fashionable pieces! So, thank you! :D
jo-ann said…
The new models are great, congrats for them. Its really an awesome feeling to be chosen.
WOW! A CONTRACT from elite models is totally amazing!! congratulations every one!
michymichymoo said…
A modelling contract, wow! Congratulations to these guys! :)
Kai Grafia said…
Oh how nice! :) Congrats to them - after all the hard work, it all paid off in the end :))
What an exciting opportunity. I am not familiar with Redhead clothing are the available in the United States?
Franc Ramon said…
Congrats to the new faces of redhead. They are all pretty and charming.
Rizza Javier said…
A big congrats to the winners! You deserve the glamour!
fifi leigh said…
the three model search winners look like mannequins.
i have also attended a local model search and blogged about it once. it was interesting and there were a lot of people auditioning.
Honney said…
Lovely ladies! Wow, congrats on being the blogger ambassador of Red Head!

Aileen A. said…
This is such a great opportunity for you--being an ambassador for Red Head. Nevertheless, the winners are amazing! Congratulations to them :D
Patricia Tan said…
Yay! Congratulations pretty ladies! I hope I could pursue my dreams but with my height? No thank you haha

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