White's Hot: Restyling My Little White Dress

I love dresses. If you have been following my blog for a long time, you would've noticed the rare occurrences I've posted an outfit with pants. I've always felt feminine everytime I'm in a dress, most especially when I'm in my little white or black dress. I'm sure you do feel the same, but having these 2 as a staple in your closet can actually give you a number of outfit options, only if styled differently. Take for instance my super favorite white dress from SM GTW that I have repreatedly worn but can't seem to get tired of it for I can style it over and over and still look different every time.
You have seen this white dress a couple of times in my blog (here and here) but here I go, wearing it again last Friday when I invited my mom and my lola to go around a nearby mall and watch a movie. Honestly, my lola would always ask me to dress down whenever we go out as she / they feel always left out cause they prefer going out in a much simpler and more comfortable clothes. Yet, I still went to the mall with my usual "blogger" outfit. (which I believe is something they are already used to)
It's been a habit for me than whenever I want to feel and look stylish, I owe it to my shoes and accessories to do the trick. For this particular look, I added some preppy look to my white dress by putting on a fedora hat from SM Accessories, Bag from Topshop and slip on my (only pair of) edgy booties from So Fab!
More than the hat and the shoes, putting on good-looking sunnies like this H&M cat's-eye sunnies from Wicked Drops made my look more stunning rather than simple. Its actually another trick that I do if I don't have too much eye make-up on. 
Moreover, other than the dress, most of the stuff I wore for this particular outfit post were already used, photographed and posted on some other entries. Its always refreshing to re-use them (I'm not shy to admit) over and over but come up with a different look everytime. If you've clicked on the links and see the outfit posts where I was wearing the same dress, would you think they're all the same?
PS: Here's a photo taken at the rooftop of SM Annex, I would have wanted to have my outfit shots there but my camera's battery died while my mom was taking my photos. I had to settle with the "rooftop" (which is obviously unfinished yet) shots my mom and I did at our house.

Share me your thoughts. :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Dys Pacete said…
How sweet of the mom to took your outfit shots. <3 Ohh dear, so in love with the lipstick. :( Where'd you buy that? And the dress doesn't look the same. I didn't recognize that its the third time you posted that. Good job there. :D

Aileen A. said…
They say that every woman should have a little black dress, but yes! Girls should also have a little white dress <3 And I love this one!
Sai Sayson said…
Great outfit, Rovie! :) I love it!

Sai from Fashion by Sai (The Fashionista)
Frances said…
I do agree. If you love a certain dress, I think it's difficult to get rid of it in your closet.haha
By the way, you look really great with your chic white dress :)

-xoxo, FRANCES


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ishna said…
I love dresses as well! They can be really a no brainer outfit. I'm not comfortable with jeans, it'a not flattering on me, because I have wide hips! HAHA

Dresses suit you well!

yaniconquistadora said…
As usual, you are one hot chick. Restyling a dress, no matter what color it may be will do you more good. Love your look!
ruthilicious said…
I love dresses with basic cuts, and can be styled in different ways. At least people won't notice it is the same dress! Hehe!

Miss you!
Hazel said…
gorgeous dress rovie!!!! i love the cut at the back :)
Kristine Bulatao said…
<3 the dress! :)

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Kai Grafia said…
Oh it's such a chic dress that if I had one I wouldn't be able to resist wearing it often!
ann ramirez said…
Very nice white dress. Very neat and tidy. I love the style and it fits you.
Mish Rendon said…
Pretty dress! Love you how styled it! :)
Franc Ramon said…
White does add a touch of innocence to the one wearing it and also highlights on the person wearing it since its much simpler.
Pretty Ugly said…
A mix of girly + funky. :) I love this ensemble.
Kaye T. said…
Yes, I did notice how you loved wearing dresses and I must say, you sure do rock them! Always! It's also nice to see all the pretty accessories you put on and how everything looks perfect together. Love those sunglasses btw..I want one! :)
fifi leigh said…
yeah, i know. i think the accessories can make and change an outfit's overall look from casual to dressy. accessories include hat, shoes, boots, jewelry, belt, scarf, purses, and hair accessories.
alisa said…
wow~~ gorgeous! i love your glasses. a little cute...

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