Love is #LikeAPogi :)

I am very much impressed with Nivea for Men's Like A Pogi Campaign. It boosts every guy's confidence to not only look good, but also feel good about themselves. But for a girl's perspective my perspective, what is #LikeAPogi to me?

I have a lot of things to say about being #LikeAPogi but i want to be specific by describing you a man who I think is the Pogiest of them all -- he is none other than my fiance, Paolo.

I was 17 when I first met Paolo. 2004. I was a college freshman back then and was never expecting that I'll meet a guy who will sweep me off my feet the first meeting. and that's one pogi quality that (I believe) Paolo has -- the ability to sweep off a girl's feet in an instant.

And fast forward to 2012, we are now engaged to be married. It was amazing how we had a smooth 8 years together. The secret? Trust and Loyalty
Since then, we never had a dull moment together. I got even more impressed because took very good care of me literally and figuratively. I can still remember how he used to pick me up from UP Manila, bring home to Navotas (commute) and go back to his home at Paranaque. And did I mention that he makes sure that I am and was not and will not be hungry at all times? Man, he fed, feeds me like a baby. Imagine dedication. 
I'm sure, a guy would definitely earn a million pogi points if he gets along with your family and friends. Which, in our case was never a problem. I love how paolo mingles along with each of my family members and friends and treating them as his own. 
More than that, Paolo kept his promise (I remember him saying this to me many years ago) that he will bring me to place. And yes he did and he will. Coming from a very simple family (who doesnt have the luxury of time and finances to travel), I never thought I'll be in places like Tagaytay, Baguio, Cebu, Boracay, Davao, Cagayan and Singapore. But I was able to. Because of him.

More than the gifts and the gesture, for me he's the most pogi cause of his wit and sense of humor. We would not probbaly last this long if we can't make each other laugh of impress each other with our (sometimes dumb) conversations. 

t I'm sure, all of you girls will agree that more than the gifts, conversations and moments spent together, a guy is "pogi" when he commits. And that guy will make you feel the prettiest when he kneels in front of you, hold your hand and ask
"Will You Marry Me?
Pogi to the highest level :) 

We may have a number of definitions of #likeaPOGI but for a romantic like me, i relate #LikeAPogi to a guy who can make any girl like me special, secured and beautiful.

You, what's #likeaPOGI to you?

and since we're talking about Pogi, you might want (or you might want your BF) to be #LikeAPogi and be an internet sensation, just post a 3-minute video on how you are #likeaPOGI. You can win more than P100,000 worth of prizes and a video apperance with Mr. Pogi himself, Ramon Bautista. just click this link for more 

But if you want to have that very very pogi face to match your poging attitude, Nivea has whitening and oil control products to make you look #likeAPOGI :) just visit NIVEA FOR MEN'S Facebook page and follow them on twitter and instagram, @niveaformenph 

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

PS: I know, this is so cheesy. Sorry guys! :)


Bella Morcen said…
Ayos ang evolution ng bangs mo Teh! AYMISSYOU!!!
michymichymoo said…
Wow, you practically grew up together. Advance best wishes. :)
Aww. Cute couple. :)

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Dys Pacete said…
Gossh. Ang haba ng hair ni Pao, Super POGI. :) You have shared a lot of moments, laughters and love together. More years to come to both of you. :D God bless.
glenn said…
hi, Nice post. Ang sweet nyo! :) Kainggit
wonderwoman45 said…
Ikaw na ang sweet. Parang gusto kong gayahin yung post mo, kaso ang awkward naman... one week palang. Hahaha. This is definitely one of my favorite posts from you! Grabe! You look so different sa older pics ah. Cute niyo tho. SUPER.

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Em Adriano said…
OMG super kiliiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggg!!!!! <3

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