Work Hard, Party Harder on This Year's BIGFISH CREAM HALLOWEEN BALL!

Wow, I couldn't believe that October is nearing its end! (See how time flies so fast!) And because October is about to end, a lot of us are anticipating one of the most exciting event this 'ber season, and it is HALLOWEEN!!

Costume parties and lots of parties will be thrown here and there but there's one party you shouldn't miss! That is Freedom Music's “BIGFISH CREAM Halloween Ball 2012” 

Better be ready this Saturday, Oct 27 at the World Trade Center (be sure you're in your UNDERWATER INSPIRED costumes) to party with Dj SIMON PATTERSON and Dj SEAN TYAS for a one of a kind “back to back set.” However by Bigfish resident Djs: John Paul Lee & Chris Raeubeur & Mc Lavoce will keep the party jumping that night as well!

So dress up and party up this Saturday at the WTC! see you at the Cream Ball! :)

For tickets & vip tables call 632 77 63 / 634 82 38 or log on to

Work Hard. Party Harder ;)
See you there!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll 


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