A year before I do: Pao's Bday Vacation at Canyon Cove

11.16.2012 - Just a couple of days after Paolo's flight back to Manila, I booked an overnight stay at Canyon Cove as one of my birthday presents for him. Yup, you've read it right. Paolo celebrated his birthday that day and because we love escaping from stress and since he missed the sight of a beach or feel a striking heat for a couple of months, I went on buying that canyon cove sale on Ensogo and forced my then jet-lagged fiance to land travel for three hours from Navotas to Nasugbu.
Feeling lovey-dovey, we wore matching outfits (the first time we did in 8 YEARS) just because its his birthday. Haha (Lovechic levels lang). We got our top from UNIQLO's Pre launch party last Nov 14, as well as his pants. (Uh, it was actually a gift, from me. haha sorry I don't usually shower Pao with presents but since this will be his last birthday as my boyfriend and he just came back from the Canada / US so okay I did) Haha.
I was surprised to see how beautiful Canyon Cove is. It was heavenly.
The view from the room's veranda is so relaxing. I regret why I only booked an overnight stay in this place.
Love Chic. Haha (PS: Funny coz Paolo doesn't like doing blogger poses on cam. I'm happy he did that day.)
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We had the chance to fully enjoy the sun the day after. :)

It was a well deserved treat not only for Paolo but for me as well. It was a great time for us to enjoy each others' company (that we missed so much) and  be ecstatic on the coming year. Exactly 12 months after his birthday, we'll be back to Batangas again, not only to celebrate his day, but celebrate a bigger event - OUR WEDDING.

Aaaargh. I feel anxiety and excitement at the same time. In 12 months time, my life would change. Our lives will.
Thanks @createAnts for my well organized checklist. Now i feel the pressure, 12 months before the wedding  ❤ @pgperalta
And official planning begins. (Thanks so much Create Ants for this wonderful wedding guide. They're lovely)

Anyway, shall be posting a blog giveaway in a couple of hours! Stay tuned :)

Much Love,
 The Bargain Doll


Gellie Abogado said…
Awww. You both look so adorable together. Loooove that you're wearing matching outfits! :)

~ gelleesh.com
Frances said…
I love your matchy-matchy outfits with your boyfriend! I usually don't do that with my husband though but I'll give it a try.haha :)

-xoxo, FRANCES

Dys Pacete said…
Love the couple plaid polo shirt. <3 You both look so in love with each other. :) Can't wait for next year :D
aaw thanks gel :)btw ayaw magload ng comment box mo :( love your date entry with your bff :)
its fun to do it once in a while :) hihi
me too :):)
Kath Rivera said…
Wow! love the matchy matchy outift and nakakakilig kayo. Namiss ko tuloy yung time na bf ko pa lang si hubby. We need this escape too! Thanks for sharing dear and enjoy lang sa pag plan ng wedding. Wag masyado pa-stress :)

Kai Sensei said…
Wow that's just WOW Rovie dear! I'll definitely keep Canyon Cove in mind as a destination place whenever I want to de-stress. Wah ang cute ng matching outfits and congrats! I predict that you'll definitely outsparkle yourself on your wedding day.. :) super sweet naman ng napiling date and all. Thanks for sharing this.. nakaka kilig nga. haha!
bykrizzia said…
Sweet! Ikaw ng inlove at super blooming! LOVE IT!

~ Sweetstrings
MsKathyKenny said…
Awwww ... I love that entry ... its so nice! Best wishes dear!
animetric said…
Haven't been to Canyon Cove, sure looks nice. :)
Lovely place! And advance congratulations on your wedding. :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
karlim said…
Beautiful Canyon Cove! Best wishes to both of you =)
Food Taste and Recipe said…
Congrats, it seems that you really love each other and making the most out of time.
Awwww :') Sweet niyong dalawa forever!! So lucky to have you guys as my parents. HAHA GANUN!!! =)) :-*

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