I couldn't think of anything else to wear but this beautiful BAILEY GIRL floral dress from OH MY GARMENT when Paolo and I decided to have lunch in a restaurant called Marcia Adams in Tagaytay. It was meant to be a romantic date so I couldn't help but wear something that would compliment the date -- something sweet and feminine.
The place was very dreamy. Glad that I was wearing the perfect dress for the place, and I was able to maximize the "ethereal" feel of the place.
The look was even more complimented by the floral wreath from The Bead Diary that made me look like a goddess.
It was indeed a perfect date. My first time to dine in a very posh place like this, and even first (of the few times) to wear a branded dress (that I did not thrift). Luckily, OMG (Oh My Garment) sells US branded clothes (Forever 21, Bailey Girl, Nine West, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, XOXO and a lot more) in a very low price. I rarely buy branded items (cause obviously I'm a bargain shopper)  but with the items that OMG sells, I can now afford items that I've been dreaming for. To know more about their collection, visit their Facebook Page and Website.
Another wonderful steal is this pair of nude pumps. Luckily, this pair was on SALE at People are People Megamall last week and I got this for only P799. From the day I learned that PRP marks down its shoe prices to P499, I have been waiting for their store sales every now and then.

I'm glad that finally I was able to blog after my hiatus since Pao's return. I've been very happy lately and been spending much of my time making up for our lost time. Hope you like my post. Have a great work week ahead guys.
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Franc Ramon said…
You looked like a fairy here. I'm sure every one was mesmerized by your charm.
ruthilicious said…
Looking cute Rovie, as always! I wish I get to go out on a date and wear something like that. :D Love the pleated dress too! :)
Rhea Bue said…
Babe!! ang ganda! :) love the shoes and the dress!!! <3 <3 <3 Miss you! Breaking dawn soon!!! :D
Gellie Anne Abogado said…
You look absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for tea party din :)
Dyosaaa ♥
theclothesmuse said…
Like! Now I'm not so Diwata after seeing this. :p How was Marcia? I might try it out for a date too. :)
Maria Teresa Guanlao said…
You know what, you look very much like Julia Montes! You look stunning in that outfit! My niece loves your shoes!
Kero said…
very pretty dress! must be really exciting to be back in the arms of your fiance. stay in love!
Joy Caasi said…
OMG PUMPS! same here, i am also a bargain shopper. i love the dress by the way, it compliments your skin tone. :)
Oh wow those shoes are the bomb!!!! So nice!!! I covet them!!! hahahaha Plus, you look so beautiful and blooming! Iba talaga pag kasama love mo :P I'm glad to see you looking so happy! See you tomorrow!!! xxx
michymichymoo said…
Pretty dress! Good thing you look good in dresses, kasi I don't.haha. I'm such a boy. ;P
Lourdes Espanol said…
You look like a modern day fairy. Love it!
April Perez said…
Goddess na goddess ang look especially when you added that floral hippie hband :)

Deli said…
You look stunning with that outfit :)
Isa ka talagang dyosa! From head to toe, I love the look! :)
Oh. I love this look! :) Very feminine. I love the make-up too. So light which matches on everything! ♥
Tess Chancellor said…
Ang ganda ng garden at ikaw with your gorgeous floral dress.
Food Taste and Recipe said…
Nice dress, love the red shade of it. It complements your complexion.
mitchteryosa said…
I so love your shoes!
Pal Raine said…
I so love the shoes sis and I'm loving your dress perfect for the place.
Daquio Janine said…
ive read about OMG from other posts as well and yeah, the dress you wore perfectly suits the mood of this romantic date. :D
MrsMartinez said…
Love the nude pumps! And you got it at a bargain price... what a steal!

the nude pumps is a must have!! lovely place to go have some photos and lovng all your colours wearing that time! xx
Dys Pacete said…
Love the dress. You look very sweet and teenage-y here. :) Anyway, another Tagaytay trip that I missed. Hope to see you guys here talaga :)

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