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Hello guys! I'm currently in Baguio for work as I write this post. I had to make this really quick as we're doing a lot of things here and I just borrowed my workmate's laptop to update my blog. I'm staying in Baguio Country Club and the experience is just awesome. We're staying in a clubhouse suite, sorrounded by trees and yes, it reminds me so much of District 12 of Hunger Games. We have been eating great food and the weather is just amazing. Will definitely blog about this soon (if the time permits) but let me first share to you what I wore on the first day of the Bazaar for All Season.
IMG_8667 (683x1024)
First, many thanks to Kelly Medina for taking these amazing photos. This is probably one of the best set of photos I have where I feel really girly. Do you agree?
IMG_8665 (683x1024)
So for the first day, I wanted to look my usual girly look and I paired my cream colored tube top with this skirt that I own for more than two years. The skirt has always been a favorite--for it never fails to give me that extra feminine flair.
IMG_8673 (1024x683)
Twenty One Dress used as top; Vintage Finds necklace
IMG_8675 (1024x683)
Randomly bought skirt in an outlet
IMG_8676 (1024x683)
 Folded and Hung Shoes
IMG_8674 (683x1024)
 But if there's one thing I regret that day is that I wore that chunky heels while on the bazaar. We all had a scarcity on chairs that I needed to stand most of the time (from 10am-8pm!). The result -- painful feet. All in all, it was a fun experience. (Related story on the previous post).

Have to go now, time to meet with the rest of the group for lunch!
Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll


Gelleesh said…
lovely floral dress! and the shoes is super bet ko! :)

- gelleesh.com
PRETTYYYY FOR LIFE ♥ Enjoy your stay at Baguio, twin!! Make kwentos soon :-*
Aileen A. said…
I love the simplicity of the dress, it doesn't sacrifice style despite that fact. :D Good one, Rovie!
Franc Ramon said…
I was just there in Baguio last week. Another great outfit post for you but I'm sure you won't dare to wear those clothes in Baguio as it's starting to get cold.
Tess Chancellor said…
Poor you for standing up most of the time with that heels. Anyways ,you atill look pretty pa rin naman kahit nakatayo.
Blesselle Mendoza said…
Aw you poor thing but I love your mary jane platforms. I'd wear them too no matter how painful it might be.
megannmonday said…
Ahh! I thought this was a dress! Nice combo, sister! Hassle yung kulang sa seats but I read your blog about it naman so fun naman :)
theclothesmuse said…
Yup, lovely girly photos. And your lipstick is the right color of red for me! What brand is it?
Daquio Janine said…
I opened your posts as your white and black dress is the apple of my eye. :D
Pepper Tan said…
You totally rock that outfit! All along I thought it was a one-piece dress. You have a talent for putting stuff together :)
so lovely shoes and necklace! totally look gorgeous in that dress dear! xx
Lizzie said…
Cool Can you suggest an outfit when attending a friend's wedding. I am struggling. Their motif is turquoise.
Arra said…
Very girly! i love the dress!


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