Get Crazy. Lie Down

I had a hard time choosing the perfect place to take my outfit photos when Pao and I arrived at Canyon Cove. I kept on complaining that my outfit looked plain (as it was one of the few instances that I'm wearing shorts, plaid and flats) that I can't be satisfied on shots Paolo took while we were at the poolside. Then a bright idea (insert a light bulb sound here) came to my head and decided to lie on the grass while Pao take my photos.
I know, I know its not the first time you saw someone do this for the sake of having a photo (I know a lot of bloggers already did) but I felt really giddy as I lay on the grass and pose as if nobody cares. It was my first time to dare myself to do such thing and it felt really great. How I wish I could just pull Paolo beside me and let someone else take our photo. But I dismissed the thought as a lot of people may think (or have thought) that we were silly.
Anyways, before I bore you guys with my little side story, I'd go on to my outfit details. As on my previous post, Paolo wanted us to be in matching outfits on his birthday so I picked this flannel top during the UNIQLO  pre-launch sale. The top is actually the first plaid polo I bought (cause I always thought I'd look like a tablecloth). I never thought I could pull off wearing one but I'm happy I did (or because the lying on the grass thing made it look pretty). Nevertheless I love this top from Uniqlo and I will always be a fan of their products.
I got (stole) the shorts from my cousin which I'm happy she still doesn't ask for it in return (who doesn't want free clothes?). The belt was part of the skirt I bought from Plains and Prints while the bangles from Tomato is a gift from my aunt. The Fossil watch is a gift to myself lol)
And the highlight of my outfit-- Thrifted Boots. I instagrammed this a couple of days after I went thrift shopping at Munoz QC and a lot of people were impressed with my find. I seriously believe that this pair previously belonged to a man (cause my shoe size is gigantic at 40) that I luckily bought at P175. That was a lucky day.
Ooops, the boots wasn't the highlight of my outfit, but this cute necklace! This pretty thing was one of Paolo's presents for me from Canada. He was so thoughtful that when he saw this Canadian Jade Necklace he immediately bought it and thought of me (kilig feeling here.)
Finally a more decent shot of my outfit.

Well I hope I didn't bore you with my story-telling. I'm feeling hyped up today.

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Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


ice.greenfrog said…
I super super love your whole outfit!!! And ang cute ng pose mo!!! <3
Pao's so sweet. Such a delicately pretty necklace! Perfect present! hehehe I'm still scared to wear plaid so I don't have anything plaid in my closet but you are rocking it! Also love your bright pink lips! ;)
Sam Lanuza said…
First, I love your bright pink lipstick (you know me, haha). I've bought numerous stuff at different thrift shops in Munoz QC, I always dedicate a whole afternoon to hunt and I actually bought my school shoes there (the one above Jollibee). I just love shopping at thrift shops, I should post them and show you. haha

Ang haba ng comment ko! :D
Franc Ramon said…
The lying down in the grass looks so candid and you were able to carry this post well.
Aya said…
Aww nice shots! And your boots ah! I should thrift shopping more often! I just don't know a lot of good thrift shops :)
Aileen A. said…
That's one comfy get-up :) I love how you tried the 'lying down' kind of pose.
MrsMartinez said…
Love the shirt from Uniqlo!

Chrisair said…
I want that pink satchel
eyahnism said…
love the look! :)
MissApriil said…
bet ko yung top and boots!
animetric said…
Love the top and shorts! :)
Love your shoes. :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
Kero said…
i really like your lipstick shade!! good luck to all the satchel bag participants!
Debarpan said…
wow!as usal u r looking pretty gorgeous.
Anikka Krusher said…
ganda talaga ni ate. loveyouuuu! <3
melandria romero said…
your pretty and sexy and yes, i also love to just lie down and do nothing.
Pal Raine said…
What you wear compliment your make-up sis. Love it. Great work of arts!
Tess Chancellor said…
Great shots, you did good on the lying down pose.No effort needed, You look pretty.
shopgirljen said…
I love your lippies here, Rovie! And wow for thrifted boots!! :))
Chatty Pinay said…
I must admit I chuckled when I read "cause I always thought I'd look like a tablecloth", I think most people feel that way with plaid :) ... but you don't. I love the first photo. It highlighted your outfit. I think the green grass which served as your background did the trick.
Dys Pacete said…
OMG love the outfit shot. specially the one that you are lying and hiding your eyes.. :)) <3 What a steal on that booties huh! :D Hm is the plaid polo?
I love love love your outfit! The boots, most of all. :)

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