Happy Birthday, Mikki! || TDK Open Mic Night at Alphonse

I've only met Mikki this year and I will always be thankful that I was able to meet an awesome person like him -- very mabait, fun, sincere, smart and of course very kikay like me. That's why when he invited me to his birthday party last Oct 25 at Alphonse, Ortigas I made sure that I was present.
I was one of the early birds, along with Catch. Funny how we were in the same outfit -- black jacket and jeans while we never had the chance to plan it together prior to the event. (Great minds think alike, lol!)
 We were first joined by Mikki's family members and friends and spent the first few hours chatting and (a little) drinking.
 However, the mood shifted when other bloggers (who came from a show from Fashion week) arrived and graced the event. We were seated on a separate venue to do only one thing: HAVE FUN.
And fun we had! I have been to Alfonse once with Pao, and I found the place perfect for steady drinking. I mean no super loud and upbeat music, nicely mixed sounds, -- it was a place I would prefer to hang-out with Pao if I needed some break from stress and rant with him -- tamang chill place lang.
But! There's a live band at Alphonse too! Not just your typical band that sings infront while you drink, but a band that insist guests to jam with them. In short, ROCKEOKE!!
Accordingly, Mikki's birthday night was also the launch of TDK's Life on Record Open Mic Night that's happening every Thursday at 930PM. I was there and man, people (sober or drunk) are fighting over the microphones just to sing their favorite songs. And, TDK made the singing experience more exciting by giving away TDK Life on Record earphones / XtremeMac iphone/pipad cases. 
See? Singers pro, amateur or not get the chance to hop in the stage and show off their singing prowess! :D
YAAY! Thanks Mikki for inviting me. I REALLY HAD A GREAT TIME :) and your party was BEYOND AWESOME :)

But because Catch 's face is turning red like crazy, we had to excuse ourselves and grab a quick coffee so we can get home safe. Here's a preview of our matchy matchy look. Haha!

Haha! Coincidence!

Anyways, gotta sleep now guys. Have to attend The Araneta Center's Dress Me Up Event Part 2 tomorrow :) 9 AM at Gateway so be there if you wanna see / meet / greet a number of bloggers there! 

Much Love, TBD


Debarpan said…
nice one and as always you are looking gorgeous
Pretty Ugly said…
I love your jacket. So biker chic. Looks like one fun party. :)
michymichymoo said…
Where's Alphonse Bar located?

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