Make-Up Mondays: Maybelline 5th Ave Fuschia

For weeks I have been thinking to make a daily segment on my blog but I never had a chance to do one until today. (Thanks to the lessened backlogs!) I thought of making each day a good read (which I hope I could sustain for a long time) and that will be composed of Make-Up Mondays (where I'll try to post my latest favorite make-up / beauty products), Thrifty Tuesdays (post an outfit where I'm wearing a Thrifted item), Wardrobe Wednesdays, Trendy Thursdays and Freeway Fridays (where I'll usually post whatever I want to post haha). So to start of my weekly segment, let me share with you my latest staple lipstick, Maybelline's 5th Ave Fucshia.
I have received a number of compliments on my lisptick when I posted the Get Crazy, Lie Down outfit last week. It has been one of most sulit buys since Robinson's Vintage Vanity fair last August 2012) and it took me time to actually open it and finally use it. And since the moment I opened and used it I never spent a day without receiving any compliment.
I've always been on the hunt for the perfect Fuchsia Pink lipstick and I found one in Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick Collection. More than the beautiful pop of color it gives my face, it also lasts relatively long (lasts more than half a day after application). It also smells (and tastes -- because I love eating lipstick and glosses) good, which for me is a good thing.
SAM_7674 SAM_7672
Product Swatches: With and Without Flash

It is indeed one of the best lipstick purchase I made. You know me well that I always find it heartbreaking to spend more than P500 on anything (shoes, bag or even make-up) and I'm really happy that this lipstick costs only P399 (plus an additional 20% off from the Vintage Vanity). It was a relief to discover I need not spend a thousand bucks to get myself a good and lasting lip color. That's why Maybelline has been one of my favorite brands. :)


I hope you like this post! I don't mean to give a good review but I hope you like this feature. I'd appreciate if you can give me a feedback (or should I continue this haha). 

Watch out for this feature next week!

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Helen Blas said…
Super bagay sayo! ♥
NinMonster said…
Love it on you! Sana pwede sa akin. :))
Food Taste and Recipe said…
In my case I invest more on make up. Anyway, it complements your lips :-)
Amor said…
The lipstick matches your skin color and looks perfect on your lips... Christmas is coming, gotta get myself a gift. I am a Maybelline user btw. :D
Dys Pacete said…
Really looks great on your lips and how it blends with your skin color. :) Can't wait for the eyeshadow blog post. :)
Sam Lanuza said…
CONTINUE Rovie dear :) I like the segments you created. :)
animetric said…
I have this lipstick in another shade but I have not tried it yet. It looks very smooth and pigmented, I'm excited to try it out already!
ruthilicious said…
NIce dear, you got segments.. I was thinking of the same too, but I just got too many stories to tell.. and press releases to share. Hehe. I looove the lipstick color! I love Maybelline actually, really smooth and "shade-y". ;)
Love the shade! :)

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Thank you! :)
Sybil Abarientos said…
this looks great on you! having a darker skin tone than you, i'd probably go for something with a deeper berry tone. but i agree, maybelline has some really nice lipsticks! :D

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liv said…
lovely lip color darling!

shopgirljen said…
Love the shade on you, Rovie! Wanna try it too :)) And good luck on your weekly segment! Go lang! Hope to see you soon! :))

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