Not too Late (Fright Night Tickets Giveaway)

 It's the Halloween, and unlike the past couple of years where I'd rather attend parties or drink with friends, I decided to spend it at home, alone and reading a book. It is very unusual, that I've been spending holidays at home veering away from parties and events probably brought about by the absence of Paolo, my fiance who also happens to be my eternal companion (and designated driver) on these events. Moreover, I have been engrossed in reading The Hunger Games -- a current obsession that made me lie on bed and temporarily detach myself from reality.
I will never understand why I stopped reading, or lost interest on it many years back, and I regret it. It could be the reason why when I finally held a book on my hands, it couldn't find the energy to let it go, as if I tried to make up for the lost time. And now that I was able to finish the trilogy, it felt like I made a little accomplishment -- that I learned a number of new things.
That could take account for the less time I spend too much on blogging. No regrets, as I felt like I gained a lot more confidence in writing, my knowedge in words expanded. That's why its only now that I am able to post this outfit I wore a couple of Tuesdays back, when I watched the L'Oreal PFW featuring Albert Andrada and Ezra Santos.
When you're coming from work before attending an event like Fashion week, where you need to dress to impress, thinking of what to wear is so stressful. So to save myself the worry of deciding what to wear, I relied on this thrifted long black dress to serve as my outfit. I'm quite thankful for its details -- the slit, the cut that is exposing my back, made my look quite elegant and sophisticated at the same time.
Since I felt a little lazy to actually "dress up" I chose specific accessories that will my outfit stand out. I'm happy to be an Anagon baby, that I have these wired accessories that are definitely a work of art. The headpiece somewhat gave me a goddess feel, while the necklace is wonderful enough to be a stunner.
You have seen me with this gold bangle from Forever 21 in a lot of outfit posts but I cannot deny the fact that they are pretty enough to not wear. I always receive a lot of nice compliments whenever I wear them, just like these gold and purple sandals that I bought from People are People . And everytime I say that I got them on sale, for only P699 a lot more people are amazed on how I get to score affordable yet good looking items just like the black dress I thrifted on this post.

I may have missed a number of Halloween party invites the past days, I found it fruitful enough cause aside from being able to finish a trilogy, my family was quite happy with the unfamiliar length of time I spend in the house. But just because halloween is over, that doesn't mean that I am too late to dress up for this occasion! I'm really thankful that IL TERAZZO will be having a FRIGHT NIGHT event happening this Nov 3, at Ariato Function Center at 8PM!

halloween poster DTI 4

So if you feel like you've missed out the chance of dressing up to your favorite character this halloween, join us on this fun and screaming event. Also, get a chance to get FREE passes for this party by doing these easy steps:

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and tweet:  "I want to go to Fright Night at Il Terazzo! Win tickets from @Il_Terazzo and @roviedear"

please follow my blog and twitter too!

Just leave a comment below :) See you there.

Thank you so much ANGEL RODRIGUEZ for the photos :D
Much Love, TBD


Kath Rivera said…
Kath Rivera
Love the headband <3

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