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Lately I found myself getting fond of head pieces. I remember a few years back, I never liked the idea of wearing a headband for I always thought I'd look childish or funny. However, as I  discovered my personal style and as I visit a number of blogs, I have realized that putting on cute stuff on my hair would actually compliment the style I find myself most comfortable in -- chic and feminine.
And who cannot resist this beautiful floral headpiece from The Bead Diary? I'm absolutely amazed on how each of the flower was made artistically from felt paper to shape like a rose. I appreciate how Cheska, the great mind behind The Bead Diary customized this headpiece to satisfy my fondness to anything beautiful and flowery. (If you want your own customized headpiece, go to The Bead Diary's facebook page here.)
Another happpy fact about my outfit is the shoes that I'm wearing. If you guys have been following my instagram (by the way follow me on instagram on @roviedear) you have seen this People are People shoes that I bought on sale. I got it for only P499 (what a steal!) and even though it is so last season I will never stop my habit of always waiting for shoes to go ON SALE before I purchase a pair.  I always make sure that I don't spend beyond P1000 for a pair of shoes. Yes I'm kuripot like that.
Remember the Bazaar for All Season I participated (and visited) a few weeks back? This mustard dress was  one of my purchases from one of my most favorite bloggers, Aisa Ipac. I don't know if I have worn it faboulously as Paxie did but I'm happy that I was the one who was able to get hold of this nice dress and probably one of my best buys during the bazaar. (Yay thanks Paxie!)
And wow, a Coach bag. You might think I'm shallow but I'm really happy that I'm owning one. I never thought I would own a branded bag like this because (1) I grew up not being so rich (2) I am so KURIPOT (3) and the list go on. I'm super thankful that something possessed Paolo while he was abroad and decided to bring home this bag for me. Yay thanks. I feel really pretty and stunning everytime I'm using it. Thanks to my fiance. I hope something will always posses him every now and then. :P

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Outfit Details:
Headpiece: The Bead Diary
Dress: From Aisa Ipac (Bazaar for All Season) 
Shoes: People are People
Bag: Coach (from Paolo)
Bangles: Tomato
Watch: Fossil

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta


So chic and feminine! Love it! <3

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Thank you! :)
heyimALGENE said…
I love your head band sis! Ang cute naman :) Plus the color of your shoes is so perfect :)
Tess Chancellor said…
I like the color and style of yorr shoes and that dress, super like ko.
Aisa Ipac said…
pretty naman!!! so glad you bought the dress super bagay sau!:))
Anikka Krusher said…
so pretty ate rovie! :)
MissApriil said…
the headpiece and those shoes and that Coach bag!!! <3 simply shouts Spring time! :)
Sobrang ganda mo lang twinny ♥ Love you!!
Jade said…
Ang cute mo dito girl... para kang princess...
I definitely love the head piece! :) It's attracting! ^_^
Violy said…
I love the head band! but for sure di bagay sa akin.. hehe. I use head band when at home lang.. hehe. ANd nice shoes by the way! ;)
Hazel said…
ang cute para kang fairy :)
Kat Valdez said…
I love the bag and the outfit!!! So dyosa! Love youu !!!
Noelle Chantal said…
I love your shoes!!! Very sweet look! :)
i love the dress, the shoes and the head piece Rovie!
this look is so you!

Franc Ramon said…
Simple, elegant and innocent. Another great outfit post from you.
Dys Pacete said…
The head piece does make a difference. :) Gondoooo :D
Aileen A. said…
the head piece really catches the eye but it doesn't ruin the overall ensemble. Nice one! <3

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