Winning 2nd Place: Araneta Center Dress Me Up Part 2!

I can never thank Kath, and the rest of the Araneta Center PR for inviting me once again to be part of their second leg of the Araneta Center Dress Me Up Event. If you remember it, I was part of the first Dress Me Up event where Bb Pilipinas Tourism 2012 Katrina Dimaranan and Sassan Shokouhi were the ones we styled for the first event. (Read more about it here). And for the second leg (with a lot of many changes in terms of mechanics and system) I, together 15 other fashion bloggers were invited to be part of a more exciting Dress Me Up Event in partnership with Dairy Queen.
We styled the good looking model, Sassan for the event (He was also my model last year, where I partnered with Ria Lumandog) and this year, I paired up with my twin sister Arnie Villanueva. Before I get into the details, let me first share with you the things that happened that day. (PS: All of my photos are grabbed from Arnie and Ana, as I own a not so functional camera :?)
With the participating bloggers
With Arnie, Tina and Nika. Photos grabbed from Ana Gonzales
Nov 10, 2012 Saturday -- We were asked to be at the Gateway Mall as early as 9AM (But I was late because of some tummy reasons haha) It was an early call time for us as we were given ample time to be oriented. to do pull-outs, style the models and strut the runway. Yes it was a WHOLE day event and was really exciting!
My blogger / styling partner and twin sister (hindi na anak, yahey) Arnie! We were quite serious on the planning part (photo taken by Ana) cause we felt really pressured learning that we will style a male model. We had to conceptualize the items that we will be needing as we need to follow a black forest theme -- using red, black and white as our colors.
(Photos from Arnie) We have pulled out from the participating brands-- Girbaud, Marks and Spencer, Parfois, Promod and Sebago, The pull-out part was a bit challenging for us, for we only had a couple of male clothing brand  and we felt that we had limited options for the clothes. So Arnie and I decided to pull out items from female brands like Parfois and Promod to add up some color to our black forest themed outfits. Will surprise you with what items we used later on! 
After our quick Pizza Hut lunch (that I loved cause they served Chicken Kebab and they're really good) we have to place the clothes we pulled out into a white board. It was like doing the Polyvore manually! Really fun!
After doing our mood boards, we hurriedly styled our male model Sassan for his DQ photoshoot. Look just how tall and good looking he was.
Sassan's two looks. We only had to choose one to be his catwalk attire. Because the theme was black forest we had to choose the outfit with a lot of red black and white. (and because Sassan looks good on it too!)
Seeing this and learning that we'd walk with the models at 7pm put me and a lot of us in pressure! We had to walk with other our models and explain our models' outfit infront of the crowd. Imagine how Arnie and I created and practiced our script! Haha. Kakaba pala
I felt like a stage mom when Sassan walked on the runway! Gosh he looked really good. :)
Our turn to walk with Sassan. I was trembling to walk with a model and a beauty queen! For all those who don't know Arnie is BB PLM tourism 2011! Bongga lang!
Us three, explaining Sassan's Outfit details.
A lot of us waiting in anticipation as who will be the winners. Look at Ana, Paxie and Arnie! Kulit lang!
And they announced it! The winners were
Acebriel Ong and Sai Sayson Montes -- 3rd Place
Yours truly and Arnie Villanueva -- 2nd Place
Ana Gonzales and Aisa Ipac -- 1st Place!!

OMG!! You can just imagine how the 6 of us were jumping like crazy on the stage. It was my first time to win in a competition like this and wow, I felt like I won in a beauty pageant. Nevertheless, we were happy for each other and for all those who participated in the event. :)
Photos grabbed from Ana 
Arnie and I posing happily with our gigantic cheque (that I used to see only in TV) Haha
Because of that, we all had the reason to celebrate!! 
With the lovebirds Arnie and Joed

Almost all of the photos were grabbed from Ana and Arnie. I feel really frustrated cause my camera that day went lowbatt and it has low photo quality. This is a wake up call that I need to buy a new camera na. A new DSLR perhaps.

But before forget, let me share you the final layout of Sassan's outfit:
The black and gray scarf was from PROMOD while the brown bad, shades and red scas (2nd layout) were from PARFOIS. Arnie and I had to do this so we can make the outfit pop with a red color. It was worth it for we won :) Yey
image006 imagy007
Aisa and Ana's || Ace and Sai's
Tina Decena & Dianne Dequina's || Melai Entuna's
Ria Lumandog & Krystle Pingol's || Nika Plana & Ranel Del Castillo's
Helen Blas & Aileen Viedad's

It was a fun event and we would like to thanks Araneta Center for all the experience. The Dress me up event is a contest where you can win too! Like any of the entries (please like ours) and get a chance to win P500 Starbucks GC! 

Other ways to win than liking?
1. Visit the Dress Me Up 2 photo exhibit at the lobby of Gateway Cineplex 10 in Gateway Mall.
2. Vote on the spot for your favorite fashion photo. Pick only one.
3. Drop the stub on the Dress Me Up 2 drop box located on the registration table.

1. Take a photo of yourself beside your favorite fashion photo.
2. Upload on Facebook and tag us! :)
3. Pick an instant prize from the Dress Me Up 2 fishbowl!
Visit Araneta Center's Page for more details.

 Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Kristine Bulatao said…
Lovely. Congrats Rovie dear! :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you!
Debarpan said…
love the height of your male model Sassan.
Lourdes Espanol said…
I love the outfits. You guys really made a good job!
YAY!! ♥ Love you twinny and I'm really thankful and glad we won! Job well done :-*
LifeAndBows said…
Wow!! Congrats! What an amazing opportunity and a job well done!
ruthilicious said…
Cool! Looks like a lot of fun! I wish to attend the same event soon.. BUT i found out it was a whole day affair.. ngarag lang te? But di halata! ;)

Good job! I think that really tests the fashion bloggers' creativity and styling! Plus, presentation skills! Good job girls! Love the styling!
Aileen A. said…
This is such a great experience! And congratulations! :) You guys did a good job!
Food Taste and Recipe said…
Congrats, you are so blessed. You deserve it.
animetric said…
Love the styling you did! Congrats on a well-deserved win! :D
MrsMartinez said…

MsKathyKenny said…
Nakkatuwa naman ... may ganyan na pala ngayon! Congrats!
Kero said…
great outfit! it's something a metro man would wear on a day at the yacht club. congratulations to both of you!
katrina maryse villanueva said…
congratulations dear !
I think you girls did such a great job on the styling! Love, love, love how he looks like! :D Super cute pa hahahahahahahaha :D :D :D Oh and Colin's there too! hahaha i'll show him his photo coz he's been looking for it! :D
Lovelee said…
Simply fab, all of it! Great job and congratulations! Until your next endeavor! =)
Aya said…
Congratulations! Ang kulit niyo sa photos. Hahaha. You did a great job styling and deserved to be one of the winners :D
Franc Ramon said…
Congratulations winning 2nd place. You and your partner really looked like twins.
ChrisAir Abenes said…
congrats another fashion event for you
Kai Grafia said…
Congrats Rovie! Awesome job on the styling! I def love all the outputs =)
Arra said…
Congrats Rovie! You deserve it! ♥


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