99 Months + BU4 Day 2


Eventhough Paolo and I have been together for the past 8 years, we still make it to a point to celebrate our monthsary every 16th of the month. We may have grown up from giving each other fancy gifts (which I'm sure every young couples have done or still doing it) but we make sure that we still greet each other at 12mn (which Paolo is very particular with) and go out on a special date  on our monthsary. So for our 99th month, we decided to have a short but sweet dinner at The Stock Market, High Street.
Fortunately Paolo is a good friend with one of the chefs so we got a complimentary Clam Chowder soup that tastes really good. Both of us are addicted to clam chowders and we both believe that this is the best we ever tasted yet!
His: Lemonade, Mine: Iced Coffee (which is the usual.)
The Stock Market Burger. I have no words to describe this but Paolo kept on exclaiming how good this burger tastes! The patty, more than being relatively huge is so juicy and tasty! I remember that the oil that dripped from the patty tasted so great!!
My dish!! Carbonara!! There are a lot of restaurants that offer Carbonara but what makes Stock Market's version different from the rest is, aside from the raw egg served with the carbonara, they used Bruschetta meat that made the taste really unique and satisfying.
And another complimentary!! Banana - Mango Crepe!! Paolo and I were both surprised that we got a couple of free dishes (super thanks to Chellai's brother). We were already full when this arrived but we still finished it!
It was very quick yet very sweet monthsary date. I really appreciate it,  that eventhough we've been together for so long and we have been spending so much time together (like almost everyday) I'm glad that Paolo takes the initiative and bring me out on a date like this. And because I'm super spoiled,  forced him to take me to World Trade Center after and visit the last day of the Bloggers United. However when we arrived there, the bloggers were already packing up. So we just spent 30 minutes there taking photos with the bloggers.
Mikki, Kelly, Ana, Dani and I
Paolo and Dani
Finally they've met!! Paolo and Mich!
With Paxie
Tracy! I love her dress
Hi Mikki!! I missed you pretty love! I super love her outfit that day, sa super love ko gusto ko na bilhin!!
When we arrived there, the bloggers were already packing up :(
Hi Kelly!! 
A couple of readers tagged me with my photos with them during BU4 day 1! Many many thanks to you lovely girls Ana Monica Ayungao and Arielle Nuestro for these photos! you don't know how much this made me feel very very special.

Anyways, I realized that its only a couple of days before 2013 -- which made me realize to do my yearender post. I'm really thankful because 2012 has been very memorable for me and you guys are a huge part of it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all your support :)

Hope you liked this post! Wait for my yearender post tomorrow! :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Franc Ramon said…
99 Months and going strong. Congrats on your 99th monthsary. Looks like you had fun at the BU event.
I seriously want a relationship like yours. T_T
elisatot.kv said…
congratulations dear
more months and years to come.


Melai said…
Rovie! Thanks for the comment on my blog :) Appreciate it! Wow you and your boyfriend have been together for so long. No wonder you guys are getting married! JR and I are on our fifth year. I hope we get there too. And I can relate. JR and I no longer give each other fancy gifts but we make sure we plan quality moments to celebrate our relationship. :)

Sayang wala ka ng inabutan sa BU pero at least humabol ka diba! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
nice photos deaR! sarap lng ng mga food nyo!! Speaking of soup I've been eating soup lng for days nah haha bawal p solids hehe but anyways happy new year Rovie!! god bless you muah! xx
Dys Pacete said…
I hope every boys has their "Paolo Peralta" sweetnesss. You're a lucky one dear! God bless both of you! <3
You and Paolo are so sweet to each other! :D Tom and i are both forgetful so we don't really know exactly when our anniversary/monthsary is so we rarely celebrate! hahahahaha :D Works fine with me coz im not pressured to remember :D hahahaha I've only tasted the dessert at stock market. Might as well eat there some time. The food looks great! :)
Jenniya said…
You're a lucky one! Happy New Year dear. I just followed you. I hope you can check my blog and follow me, too.




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