Create Ants & Tagaytay :)

Dress: Forever 21 (from Missy) || Shoes: Parisian || Bangles: Hailey & Five
Sunnies: H&M c/o WICKED DROPS

This is actually (super) overdue outfit post taken a month ago at Tagaytay. (Thank you Raiza Poquiz for taking my photos). Most of you know that my wedding is set almost 11 months from now, which will be set on Tagaytay, which Paolo and I consider our nearest and sweetest escape. Since Pao was gone for a couple of months, I was accompanied by my super reliable wedding coordinators CREATE ANTS to help me find the perfect wedding reception in the area.
 With Vanessa, Mark and Jacob. I was really glad that they went all the way with me to Tagaytay to help me find a more affordable wedding venue. I am really touched with all the efforts that Create Ants are doing for me, that despite the fact that I have only booked for an on-the-day coordination, they are providing services WAY BEYOND what I signed up for. They're helping me set-up everything, looking for suppliers, working on my budget, even listening to my wedding prep problems. In other words, Create Ants give me more than what I pay for. For them, its all about giving me (and all their other clients).

We had the chance to visit Caleruega Church (where Paolo and I are going toexchange our vows less than a year from now) and we were all amazed on its beauty. I literally had goosebumps while I walked around the place, and imagine that chills I got when I entered the church. It was a mix of excitement, anxiety and all sorts of feeling - which obviously find the right words to describe.
 A couple of months after, now with the groom-to-be. :)

Define haggard after a day trip at Tagaytay!!

And now that Paolo has has already arrived from Canada, Create Ants accompanied us again to Tagaytay for another round of weddings supplier canvassing. Imagine their dedication in giving us the perfect wedding we dream of. Currently, Create Ants are making the impossible possible (how I only wish I could divulge it here in my blog) just to book me the possible suppliers that I want (and fit to our budget). I knowmy wedding is still 11 months away, I couldn't help but get excited with all the progress on our preparations. Currently, we already have a church (Caleruega), Venue, Food (Juan Carlo), Photovid (Nice Print Photography), Wedding Gown (Mich Camaclang). I will be soon writing a post about it soon :)

Have a love-filled weekend guys :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Kat Valdez said…
Ako ang naeexcite for you babe!! I'm really happy for you and papa P!!! <3
Love you!!!
denise said…
aww cant wait to see more of your wedding preps and of course your wedding photos soon! :)
Franc Ramon said…
Good luck on the preparations and I'm sure you're gonna make a pretty Wife. Caleruega is an excellent choice.
gooodluck! na eexcite ako sa wedding nio ni pao :) <3 and ohhh kakabaliki ko lng sa blog mo, lovin your new layout bytheway! <3

Claire said…
aww you're getting married! congrats! the church is so majestic! parang sa ibang bansa :D
Aya said…
Aww congratulations! It's so nice that you're getting all the help that you need in preparing for your big day! You chose a great venue :)

Hoping you'll get the wedding you both dream of :)
Bella Morcen said…
I'm so excited for you Ninang! Hahahaha! At least now you're planning with Paolo na personally. I miss you! Take care of my shoes! <3
Jan Mitchelle Panuela said…
Congrats:) You twoo looks great together :)

Btw, I am having my first giveaway. :) You might win awesome COSMETIC ORGANIZERS! ^_^

I am hoping for your participation. ^_^

Here is the link:

God Bless and Have a great day! :)

btw, follow my blog and will surely follow back! :)

Much Love!

Extremely excited for my beloved parents!!!! ♥
omg! so excited to see you blgo about your wedding! time flies so fast right before you know it ikakasal kna dear! goodluck and best wishes to both of you! xx
Pretty Ugly said…
Oh wow... Congrats! I'm excited for you, You'll be one lovely bride. :)
Sai Sayson said…
OM! Honestly, the moment I saw this, "Most of you know that my wedding is set almost 11 months from now.." I did not bother to read the entire post nor check out all the photos. I headed straight to this comment box to say, "CONGRATULATIONS! I AM SO EXCITED AND THRILLED!"

I can't wait to see you walk the aisle and say "I do." It's one of the most memorable events in our lives :).

- Fashion by Sai
thanks love :)
thank you franc!
thanks :):) thats why we chose it :)
thanks aya :D
haha ninang ka dyan :D thanks! miss you too :D
thanks arnie <3
thanks love :)
thanks love )
wee super excited :)
Describe Her said…
I love the scenery, your clothes and your projection.
Sam Lanuza said…
I like your hair tied :)
Jamie A. said…
OMG Rovie. Si Mich Camaclang pala ang gagawa ng gown mo... She's my HMU during our wedding.. :) highly recommended!

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