Finally, Flashing a Smile

When asked by a good friend if I could be their model for their photography practice, I never hesitated. Sandy, who is currently studying photography, along with two of her friends Mark and Cha went with me at UP Diliman last Saturday  for a shoot practice. I felt really glad that they have considered me as their practice model for the shoot. It was fun working with photographers who would not only do everything to learn, but also overcome their models number one insecurity -- to smile.704057_10151232075118113_913912103_o
Photos by: Mark Oliquino

For the longest time I have been blogging, I rarely post photos of me smiling with teeth. I never smile with teeth even before, as I tend to hide my then very crooked teeth. I always feel ugly whenever I flash my pearly whites, so I'd rather conceal it and show off those that are a lot more photo-worthy. But with the case of this shoot, Mark, Cha and Sandy convinced me to smile as they find it a lot more appealing (and full of life) than flashing my usual papaya (as I label it) smile.

Photo by Cha Ebona

I was still in doubt if my smiling photos would turn out nice until I saw the final set of photos Mark, Cha and Sandy sent me. I am also in disbelief as this is one of the few times that I appreciated photos where I am smiling, smiling with teeth. I am really thankful, not only because the photos turn out beautiful, but also thankful that they made me realize how nice it is to flash a smile.

Photos by: Sandra Escobido Red

I'm really glad that they have selected me to be their model for their practice shoot. I am not a pro in modelling, nor an expert in projecting poses, still I'm grateful that they have trusted me. Obviously, they are good in taking photos (even finding the right angle for their subject) and they would be happy to work with anyone who's interested to work with them too. :)

More of our photos will be posted soon :)
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll 


akirah said…
not bad for a practice shoot and becoming a model :) Number one advice for photoshoot like this just have fun and play with the camera. Don't be tense and stop faking smile. Congrats u did it! Not bad for a beginner. I am not a photographer but I love photography and I am a part time model at the same time. I have several photoshoots done by different photographers, check them out @ . I started following your blog!:)
from GIG with love:)
Ang ganda!!! ♥ Told you bagay din sayo mag-smile with teeth :D WEEE!!! Gorgeous. Galing naman ng photogs!
Rhea Bue said…
awww.. soo pretty babe!! :) ikaw na! ikaw na ang girly na girly! :D I miss you!!! :D
Franc Ramon said…
I have to agree with the photographers that you are prettier when you smile. A smile just really brightens up ones face.
April Perez said…
I love your dress sis! And you should smile more, it keeps the wrinkles and fine lines away :)

Miss April
Aya said…
Aww so pretty with your smile like that! :D The photos look great! You remind me of my chem lab instructor back in college. She was one of my fave instructors. Wala lang, share lang. Hahaha
I laughed out loud at "papaya" smile. I don't know why you call it papaya smile! I can't imagine a papaya smiling! hahahaha funny term :D :D Your teeth are perfectly ok and you have very nice smile. Smile more!! :D
Kristine Bulatao said…
I seriously love the color of the dress. :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
Em Adriano said…
You have a very beautiful smile! :)
michymichymoo said…
You're pretty, but you look prettier when you smile. It makes a lot of difference. :)
yani said…
as being a follower of your blog, i also noticed that this was one of the posts wherein your pictures are mostly showing your smile and i love it! hope to see it more from you;)

the curious girl
Patricia Tan said…
Hear hear! Pretty with your teeth! Smile often with your teeth out :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
I honestly think you look prettier when you smile.
MrsMartinez said…
I like the first photo of you by Sandra Escobido Red.

megannmonday said…
Ganyan din ako when I first had braces on. I couldn't figure out how I would smile; though sanay ako with teeth talaga, I just didn't like showing my braces. Pero dapat magsmile more ka with teeth!!! :) Para super sisters na tayo. Hahaha! :)
katrina maryse villanueva said…
really pretty.


Describe Her said…
Nice photo shoot :-)
Sam Lanuza said…
ganda mo Rovie dear. :)
ileOdarod said…
The first picture of you smiling is like a burst of sunlight. It is indeed the first time we saw you smiling like that in this blog. :) You should do it more often.
great change dear!! bagay nmn sau! the thing is or I guess really great chance is when you smile with your teeth out you look like super uber happy gnnung level haha!
Aileen A. said…
You look lovely! :) I love the dress! And that smile, show it more! XD

On my part, I find it hard to smile. LOL I'm not as photogenic; I have a love-hate relationship with the camera---but mostly hate. :)))) Keep on having fun with what you do :)
Arra said…
You look so pretty naman when you show them eh! Love the second photo best!

Dys Pacete said…
I always comment here and ask you to smile and show your teeth because you are way way prettier when you smile. :)

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