Flowers and Feathers

I couldn't seem to outgrow my love for feather earrings. I still love how these colorful feather earrings can instantly make my outfit hungry for attention. My love for feathery stuff started when I discovered Maris, an online shop that sells customized accesories, whose collection are mostly concentrated on hand-made feather earrings. And even though the trend is slowly fading away, I would forever love wearing this pair Rainbow Single Earring for I received a number of compliments the day I wore it during UNIQLO's pre launch event.

Dress: From Kat Valdez (Bazaar for All Season) || Blazer: Thrifted
Shoes: Chili Margarita || Earrings: MARIS

Another good thing about my outfit is the fact that the dress I was wearing was initially owned by a good friend (and a super gorgeous blogger) Kat Valdez. Surprisingly the dress fit me well despite Kat's very skinny stature. It was a really good buy for I got it for only P50 during the Bazaar for All Season. (Yes Kat sold me her dress for that price so imagine how many items I got from her booth! Haha). This was actually meant for my Thrifty Thursday Post if I wasn't that tired from walking at The New Glorietta Vibe that day. Even the blazer that I was wearing was thrifted! And I always feel proud everytime I pull off an outfit that cost me a small amount of money (which I believe everyone should do) :D
Anyways, I hope I'll be able to sustain my weekly segments next week and be more religious in updating it. I apologize for not being able to post something the past couple of days for I was really busy! (Glorietta Vibe last Thursday and Tagaytay yesterday with Create Ants). But, I have a lot of good news to share to you the coming days and I cannot wait to share them :D
For now, I wish you all guys a wonderful weekend and I hope you're enjoying your long weekend so far :)
Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Kristine Bulatao said…
So lovely! <3

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you!
MrsMartinez said…
I like the gold pumps!

Daquio Janine said…
i have encountered that online shop, Maris. and yeah, i wanted to have things on bargain, just like you rovie doll! :) something cheap but still elegant. nasa nagdadala kase. :)
ChrisAir Abenes said…
beautiful with lovely printed dress
Food Taste and Recipe said…
Nice coat love it, good for semi-casual and office wear.
Aya said…
Ahhhh I love your gold pumps! And I like that every time I visit your blog for your outfit posts, I always get surprised with these great deals and thrifted finds :D
JennyAustria said…
i love your style! -forever fan :)
katrina maryse villanueva said…
lovely outfit.


시 재 said…
No one would even think the dress is thrifted! Nasa nagdadala kasi. ^^
Franc Ramon said…
The dress does fit you well and it's also really colorful and does make you stand out.
Frances said…
Wow. That lovely dress costs 50 Php?? Are you serious? hahaha.. Hope I could buy one from her too! :) You look very colorful today. I think it matches your cheerful personality :)

-xoxo, FRANCES
Debarpan said…
love your ear ring,it's very beautiful.
Jeffrey Rilles said…
fashionable. the colors and design blends well-good choice
Aya said…
Ahhhh I love your gold pumps! And I like that every time I visit your blog for your outfit posts, I always get surprised with these great deals and thrifted finds :D
ruthilicious said…
You are always that gorgeous! It was nice to see you and Pau together!! Waah kakainggit :D

I loove the feather earrings! It goes with anything ;)
jolly said…
love the floral dress! :)
michymichymoo said…
Sorry for my ignorance, but where can I find a Chili Margarita store? Thank you!

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