Hello Mr. Snowman

Can you see the huge Mr. Snowman behind me? Because I find him so adorable, I am naming my blogpost to him. I wore this semi sexy outfit last Dec 22, when I attended our friends' Christmas Party at Ayala Alabang. The Christmas Dinner has been an annual tradition and even if I reside far north (Navotas, to be exact) I always make the effort to go south to celebrate with friends.
Top: Mon Petit Boudoir 
Look I'm smiling! (which rarely happens!)
Skirt: Sixties Inspired (From SG)
 Shoes: GOLD DOT. I got this pair from the recent bloggers united 4! Would you believe that I got this from Divine Lee's booth for only P400? :) I couldn't believe it myself, but I really feel so happy that I'm the same size as Divine's!! we both have big feet and we're both size 10 :D Sometimes having a gigantic feet have some benefits!!

Anyways, sharing you some of the photos during the Christmas party!

Couple teleserye shots. Brian - Donna, Enrique - Bian, Paolo and myself.
 Cinco Guapos -  Kiel, Patrick, Paolo, Enrique, Jake
We call this the Brian Matic Smile!
Nat Segovia arrived with numerous MAGNUM!!
And all of a sudden, it necame an instant Magnum party!!
Brian, Christine, Myself and Enrique

Its always fun celebrating Christmas with friends. Even if its only Christmas time that I got to actually be with these people, I am happy that we get to update each other. Aside from chit-chats and laughter over champagne, I also enjoy celebrating parties on the South as I also get to meet new people.

How about you? How did you spend your holidays? 

Btw I'll be posting about my Christmas Day with my family and the Peralta's! (Something really exciting!!)
Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Unknown said…
I love this outfit!!! :)))
wow great party dear! cute snowman there!! I love the magnum moments also!! Loving your shoes!! and we got the same earrings too! xx
Gem said…
I love the shoes!!!! <3
Lourdes Espanol said…
The outfit suits you perfectly. It's so sexy! I'm so loving the shoes...
Anagon said…
P400!!! Ftw talaga ang finds sa booth ni mother divine!!!
Michael Macalos said…
super great find at Divine Lee's booth! :)))
very fashyon ng outfit mo here dear (odiba magka rhyme lang! ) hahahha

시 재 said…
OMG Php 400 shoes! Super great steal! :)
ROVIE!!!! You're so lucky!!! Inggit ako sa shoes mo! That's quite a steal! P400 lang?? jealous!!! hahaha it's sooo nice!!!!! Kaso lang 4 inches bigger than my feet so walang pag-asa! I also really, really like your skirt! So sexy and snug!
Aileen A. said…
Woot! Looks like you had a great time! And your shoes! Eye-catching and to think it's that affordable! Great steal talaga! :D
michymichymoo said…
Woah. I can never wear an outfit like that. :( Your post makes me miss my college friends. I miss buffeting with them. :)
you should start posing with your teeth :) I swear its better :)) I love it when you smile achi :)

Franc Ramon said…
Looked like a really fan gathering among friends. The photos are great too as it really captured the moment.
ann ramirez said…
Snowman is adorable and your outfit too, nice gathering. keep positive! http://www.describeher.info
Like Like Like!
Debarpan said…
very nice phtoes along with your charming smiles.
MrsMartinez said…
I am spending my holidays in Japan! You look sweeter when you smile in photos.

aaw thanks :D
thank you :)
ricky you have a google account! haha
thank you :)
haha thanks dear! ill keep that on mind :D
haha minsan lang :D thanks!!
super second hand pero sulit!!
yes kay mother divine lee! thanks and i miss you :D
thanks :D:D
thanks :D:D hehe
winner talaga!!
aaw thanks :)
thank youuuu :)
nice! the earrings look so nice!!
Arra A. said…
It was nice seeing you smile, Rovie! Lakas maka-fresh! You're so pretty! Love the shoes! Great buy ah!

Happy new year!

Mary Lovelee said…
Holidays just at home, making the most out of it. I agree with mrsmartinez, you look very sweet when you smile in your photos. =)
Bian said…
Hi Rovie! Nice blog! :)) Career!

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