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I started doing a weekly segment on my blog but because of the lack of possible photos, I decided to skip (Again) the make-up monday post and write about this (long overdue) outfit I wore while Paolo and I went to Canyon Cove for his birthday (Read related post here).

I was a bit hesitant to post this outfit as this could probably the most daring I've ever worn (yet), but since I wore it while I was on a resort (minutes away before hitting the beach), I decided to style it up a little bit and ask Paolo to take a number of photos.
I wore the Copper Bralet as my bikini top but since I cannot blog about myself wearing a bikini, this is probably the closest bikini I could post. Since we were still in the room while taking the photos, I decided to slip on to my Soledesire Booties (from People are People) and style my bralet a little bit.
Top: Copper || Shorts: Random from Greenhills
Necklace: Mapleberry || Bracelets: Bubbles
Shoes: Soledesire

I do not know if it worked, but the fact Paolo agreed to post this as we were both on how the photos looked despite the use of a point and shoot camera (which was also free of any photoshop edit). I also think I look a little fat on the photo (comparing to my wardrobe wednesday post) which made me realize that I need to start dieting now. (Or have i been saying that to myself a million times but haven't started yet?

Anyway, I humbly apologize for last night's emotional posts (and tweets). I am really grateful to all those who shared their kind words to me. The issue has been cleared and that served as a lesson for the both of us, to be more respectful of each other. Again, thanks everyone and I'll try to be as calm and as positive as I can.

Ooops, actually the reason why I decided to post a somewhat summery outfit was because of DOT's Official It's More Fun in The Philippines Video. I was really impressed with the video which made me feel proud to be a Filipino.

Watch it and be impressed. Or like me, be excited for summer in the Philippines :D

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


ROVIE DEAR!!!!! I love your bikini top! It's sooooo pretty!!! Sexy mo kaya! Anowww baaa!!! May cuts ka pa down your tummy! Inggit ako!!! hehehehe :D Glad that the issue got resolved na :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
You'll definitely get stares in this outfit. :)
great color combination! di ko lang nakeri yung top.:)
wonderwoman45 said…
Whoa! I'm surprised pumayag si Pao i-post to. Haha. Ikaw na ang sexy! :D
Little Lady said…
I wish I could watch the video. Hoho. I'm in the office kasi tapos blocked sa pc ko ang youtube. /wrist

But anyway, thumbs up for the outfit! Yihee. I wonder when I'll be able to post daring pics as such. haha. probably never :) First timer here in your blog <3 Looking forward to ther posts!
Kristine Bulatao said…
Love love love the corset top. :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
yaniconquistadora said…
Love your killer blue shoes :) My gosh! You are really flawless!
MrsMartinez said…
I like the shoes! Wish I can walk on them hahahaha It's too high for me ; p

Sam Lanuza said…
You are not fat ano ka ba?! and as always magaling ka magdamit. Ang alluring ng bralet na to.

Badet Siazon said…
Sexaaay! Love the colors, the bralet top looks great with a sheer top on, I think. :)
Irene Cortez said…
you look smokin', dear, and your body's in pretty good shape! you definitely rocked this outfit :-)
lovely bralet dear! nice boots too and necklace!! kering keri lng ang peg!! u got everything right here! xx
OMGGG!!! ANG SEXY MO LANG! Haha di ko keri magpost ng ganito sa blog. Wish I had your confidence! Ganda mo lalo na sa first photo twinny ♥ Haha buti pumayag si daddy Pao dito!! Love you both (my parentsss)
Franc Ramon said…
You look sexy here and pretty as always. It's good you had your boyfriend's consent and it does look artistically taken.
ileOdarod said…
I love the color combination of this ensemble. Daring nga, but with all the color, it's perfect for the summer!
Julie Ann Lozada said…
omg... you're hot rovie dear! :)

my gosh, just read your previous post, napaisip namn ako kung cnong blogger un, she's stupid! lol! every comments count, ayaw pa nya un! hmmm, yaan mo na un! hope you're okay, na! :)
shopgirljen said…
FTW, Rovie! :) May K ka naman, so why not? :) Love the color combination of everything! Sexy!! :))
Arra said…
Ang fierce, Rovie!

minsan lang :P
napagalitan ako ni papa P dahil jan haha joke :P
haha okay na ako :) wag na!!! miss you julie!!!
thanks so much :D
thanks so much :D
galing nga nya kumuha hahhaha :D miss you arnieeee
thanks mary jane!! :D
thank you :)
will do that next time :)
thanks so much sam :)
angle lang yan :)
probably the last before our kasal! haha :P
i was on the beach so medyo normal, cause mas maraming sexy sa akin haha :P
haha thank you!!!!

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