Marcia Adams

This is a long overdue, but I still decided to write about it here on my blog. More than a month ago, Paolo and I went to Canyon Cove Batangas to celebrate his return, his birthday and our 98th monthsary. On our way back, we decided to try Marcia Adams, as we have been hearing so many good stuff about it.
Super cute glass cover! The place feels so homey.


Paolo's appetizer.
My super duper huge salad that I wasn't able to finish!
Had their Beef and Bacon Kebab
While Pao had Chicken (which he cannot exactly remember) Haha
Panna Cotta for me
Vanilla Ice Cream with roasted orange for Pao
The view looks so nice.

The place and the ambiance is perfect for a romantic dinner date. They serve mostly Greek dishes that will definitely make your dining experience memorable. Budget is at least a thousand per head. If you're looking for an intimate dining place in Tagaytay, Marcia Adams is worth trying :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Ge Ann said…
i love the ambience..its perfect for those who just want to have cozy afternoon with nature
Cool!! Quite pricey but it's worth for the place and the food because it's so mouthwatering... plus, their glass cover is really nice.. :)
Lhyzie Bongon said…
nakakagutom ung pics! :)
Debarpan said…
the glass covers are really cute :)
HA! so nice there dear!! Too romantic to both of you also hehe! Yummy kebabs also!! xx
Claire said…
mouthwatering! and they have a nice view, haven't been to tagaytay though hope i get to visit this place one day :D
jhen said…
wow! The place really looks and feels like very homey! :) too bad I didn't experience to go there when I was in tagaytay last summer :3 hoho xD maybe next time. I'll put that on mind :3 those foods looks very yummy! nom! :D

a bit pricey probably because of the location :) but honestly i prefer antonio's:)
thank you :)
hihi yes :)
great :) thank you :)
you should :) and other restaurants there too :)

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