My First Time Was Record Breaking #NewGloriettaVibe

Nov 29 2012 -- The Philippines attempted to break the world record of having the most number of models to walk the runway. It was almost 11 am when I arrived, the sun was striking hot while thousands of participating models, had to rehearse on the stage set outside Glorietta 1 activity area. It was of those events that I perspired a lot, but thinking that I'll be part of a record-breaking event made me endure all the heat and sweat I experienced that day. Nevertheless, I would love to share to you the events that transpired that day.
Hello Kuya! Love it how you posed just on time on my vanity shot. HAHA! I took a leave from work that day because I really wanted to be part of history. I'm really flattered that Ms Dian Dela Cruz of The Row (Freeway, Ensembles and Solo) approached me and asked me to walk for Ensemble's  part of the Glorietta Vibe fashion show. It was my first time to walk on a real (and huge) runway and I'm honored that it was for a chic brand, Ensembles.
With my fellow Ensembles / Freeway blogger / models, Kat Valdez and Nicole Santos. It was nearing noon time that's why all three of us were in sunnies.
We all then had lunch at our holding area (which was on the 3rd floor of Glorietta 1). I could imagine the stress of the organizing committee trying to instruct 2,500 models for the event at night.
Since it was just lunch time, Kat, Nicole and I killed time taking our outfit shots outside The Row's boutique. Spot Kat Valdez' shoes! Lend her my Syrup (People are People) Nude pumps (read related post here) and it looked good on her!
Around past 1PM we were instructed to change to our runway clothes. I was initially given a light blue / cream colored dress but asked for a dark colored outfit as it was that time of the month! Despite the unfortunate fact that it was my period and my face was breaking out with pimples, I had to dismiss all those things and be more excited for my first ever runway experience.
Wearing Ensembles' Chris Diaz holiday collection made me feel like I'm Carmina Villaroel (Charot!). Well, honestly other than the outfit, I love how my hair looked that day! The hairstylists (well it was actually Ms Dian' idea) ironed the edges of my not-so-wavy hair which made me look so prim, proper and corporate. Haha!
Posing with Nicole, who I share the same look! It was a first time for the two of us to sport a clean (clan as in no bangs) ponytail and we both felt weird. Exposing our (wide) forehead made us feel a bit uncomfortable (and ugly) but is not bad to look different once in a while. :D
 Nicole, Kat (who's walking for Freeway and wearing a very beautiful and funky Levi Celerio outfit) and I with Ms Dian. Again, thank so much Ms Dian for this wonderful opportunity!!
Hair up for the show! We did our own make-up and we're all proud. (Cute trivia: we bought our falsies at landmark that cost us less than P50! Elegance is the brand which can be bought at Landmark!)
All Dressed up and ready to walk! :D (Photos above grabbed from Nicole Santos)

Around 4pm, we went back to the holding area for final instructions prior to the show. Yes, I was 2109 of 2225 models who walked the Glorietts Vibe Stage.

Other models patiently waiting at the Holding area.
Spotted other bloggers sharing the same holding area with us! Hi Tracy Ayson, Sarah Tirona and Raleene Cabrera who walked for Folded and Hung.
Ensembles models before we proceed to the stage. (Grabbed from Jen Mendoza)
It was also our lucky day that Mr. Bunny Alerama was backstage, and was able to take some of our photos prior to strutting the runway. It was a good 20-30 minutes of waiting backstage (imagine me walking barefooted for my feet was already aching from the shoes that I was wore.
Too bad, we didn't have a decent photo while walking at the runway (but I really wish I'd find one soon) so the three of us took more photos after the event.
Nicole's family was adorable that night. I remember meeting them the first time during the Il Terazzo event, partying (yes partying) with Nicole and from then on I was amazed on them. Even that night of the show, her parents were in full support, with Nicole's dad volunteering to take her outfit shots (and our photos too!)
Finally on our comfy clothes already! It was a long and tiring night but worth it! I'm glad to be part of a fashion show, and luckily on a record breaking event. Again and again, thanks Ms Dian for this opportunity. I had fun. :D
With my mom who was there at 5PM (while the show started at 7) but wasn't able to see me. She kept on saying how she got so overwhelmed with the NUMBER of MODELS walking the runway. Still I'm glad she was there to show her support :D

And that's a wrap! Congratulations to AVA and Glorietta 1 for breaking the world record and making it on the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS! I am proud to be part of it.

Hope you liked my mini-kwento! More posts coming up, but for the meantime enjoy your Sunday :D
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


beneath the surface said…
Wow, congratulations on breaking the world record with models on runaway..I can only imagine how it was difficult to organise.. So clap for AVA and Glorietta 1

It sounds like it was great.. btw- your look was amazing ;)

~Hope to hear from you~
Dys Pacete said…
You are now part of a history. :) Congrats Rovie. :)
Congrats Rovie! :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
Rhea Bue said…
Huhuhu..sayang di tayo nagkita babe T_____T ang gaganda niyo ni Kat and Nicole!! <3
janelleski said…
as dys have said, you're part of history. congratulations to you too! and the philippines :D haha!

ps: you don't look like someone with peoples. ang kinis pa din ng face mo ate rovie :D
Bea Bajar said…
You all looked so lovely! Congratulations on being part of a world breaking event and I think that the prim and proper look suits you too! :)
Dian said…
Love it!! Special mention ako. Haha thanks! You all look sooo gorgeous! Super thanks again!!! <3
Rochelle Caparas said…
My sister also joined that fabulous event :) She modeled the Kikay accessories. :)
Franc Ramon said…
I was actually in Glorietta at that time around 6 pm buying stuff. The place was overflowing with models.
NinMonster said…
Congrats on this achievement! Congrats to everyone behind it! :D
Rainne Villena said…
Wow. Congrats for being part of it. :D
I also have a friend who's also been part of it. :D I think.
Gellie Abogado said…
Congrats on this, Rovie :)
jo said…
love the clothes!!! 2500 models? whew! that's really hard!
michymichymoo said…
Kaya pala traffic papuntang Ayala last Friday.hehehe. :P Congratulations! :)
MissApriil said…
OMG you were part of this??? Congrats!

FranciFrancesca said…
Such an amazing experience!!! *.*
Nina Mercado said…
Wow congrats! Bet that was an awesome experience! :) you all look beautiful! Cheers
Claire said…
2500 models? wow ang dami nyo! anyways congrats to you for being part of it :D
Arra said…
Congrats Rovie! You look stunning!


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