SONY LIFESTYLE: A Glimpse of Unbeatable Work of Art

Being a blogger or a person who is highly involved in Social media, having enough disk space (on laptop or desktop) is very important. With the tons of photos (and other files) that I save on my laptop everyday, having an extra USB or hard disk is truly beneficial.
It was indeed very timely when I received an invite from SONY to witness the launching of three of their newest products -- the Micro Vault™ TINY, HD-E1 Hard disk drive, and USB Stick Charger. What made the launch a lot more interesting is they unveiled it through a fashion show using these products as accessories to embodies today's lifestyle.
Can you see the Sony Micro Vault™ TINY Series as part of their clothes? 
These USBs are available in 4, 8 16 and 32 gig in electric colors!!
HD-E1 Hard disk drive in FIERCE fashion
Available in 500GB and 1TB storage capacity 
Probably my MOST favorite among the three -- the USB Stick Charger. Smarphones tend to drain out of battery (especially when ALWAYS on data connection) and its really a hassle finding a nearest coffee shop or mini stop to charge your phone. Especially in my case where I ALWAYS use my phone to tweet, call, surf all at the same time. Sony’s CP-ELS USB Portable Power Supply solves this problem by giving our smart phones an instant power on the go!
It was a fun night of technology meets fashion. I love how SONY was able to relate these very useful gadgest to today's pop culture. Now, running out of space (on diskdrives) or even power (on phones) are now less of a worry with these SONY products!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Franc Ramon said…
This reminds me I need a new hard drive. Hard drives, USB and power chargers are also very important for me too.
ang hot ng mga girls!!! its always nice watching fashion! i remmber the mgnum fahsion tuloy haha they can make the whole event very interesting specially girls loves it! xx
I was invited too.. kaso I wasn't able to confirm kasi di ko pa sure sched ko.. sayang.. haha.. anyways, hope to see you soon sa mga events.. and yeah, their new drives are really cool.. :)
Debarpan said…
I already have a 2tb hard external hard disk rovie..:)

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