Thoughtful Tuesdays: Bloggers United 4 Day 1

Since the second installment, I have never nussed a Bloggers United event. (I started blogging actively during that time). I always find BU as something to look forward to, for (1) I'd be able to meet the bloggers I look u to (2) Shop their closet (2) Score great finds! And this installment a lot more memorable for this tme, I get to have real conversations with bloggers (where a long time ago I tend to take photos with them) and somewhat get to know them a lot better than their blog posts or photos. So pardon me for this photo heavy entry of my BU 4 experience.
Zalora Vouchers are always exciting :D

The highlight of my day! Kookie Buhain gives me a kiss. I love her for being so nice to her readers. And even up to now I consider myself a fan. Haha!
With Cebuana blogger Jem Villaverde! Jem and I have been online friends for so long but its only now that we have seen each other! She's one of the sweetest blogger I know and I love the fact that when I go to Cebu one day, I have a good friend that I can bond with.
Kira and Alex
Ava and the youngest bazaar attendee -- Asher! I adore how Ava is such a dedicated mom! Cute how she, and her whole family is in full support for bloggers united.
Arnie, Aisa and Ana! I love these girls to bits and pieces. I was with them at PINO (related post here) and they are so FUN to be with. My blogger life has been more fun and exciting because of them.
Now with Sarah!!
Paul and Niche! I arrived a little late (around 3Pm) and their happy faces kaughing at Sarah's booth. They're filled of fun!
Hello Kelly I miss you!! :D
Poging Paul!!
With the sweetest and most humble couple I met! Dani and Mikyle!! I know they are top bloggers but I fel really honored that I was able to talk to them randomly. I swear this two will be like Paolo and I (haha!)
Hello Crave More girl, Christine!! :D
Hi Tin! I missed this girl since our Robinsons Vintage Vanity Fair last August!
The Walkie Talkies
You know I sometimes blog about beauty and its an honor to meet the top beauty blogger MArtha Sta Barbara!
Hi Krissy! I love the make-up kit I bought from you!! :D
Yep, Paolo and I would love to look like Love Chic on our pre-nup! Haha!
Steph Dy and Wicked Ying! Love their lookbook entries!!
Doll like Bea Benedicto and Bestie!!
Finally met Denise Katipunera!! Her blog is one of the first few blogs I followed for I really find her posts more personal in touch. Moreover she owns shoe etiquette, one of the online shoe brands that I love and look forward every BU for she marks down her prices at P800! I remember buying my Shoe Etiquette Pair last BU 2 (see related here) and this BU4 she sold her shoes for only P800 again! (Will post about it soon!!)
Denise, Gizelle and Eden! During this time we were talking about WEDDING! haha!
Hello lovebirds Gerd and Angel!!
Hi Raiza! Thanks to you and Jacob for our quick merienda bonding!
Kryz Uy! Tee hee I'll always be a fan girl! :P
Hello Mother Earth!! :D
Another one of my favorites in Lookbook, Paul Highness!!
Pink Fashion Girl, Julie Lozada with Angel!!
Hello Papa David!
With Bjorn!!
Hello fellow Ensemble Model Nicole! :D I miss you!!
With Vern. Kinilig ako when she told me I visit your blog. Haha :D


Thanks Ana! Super natuwa ako dito :D Hihi!!

That wraps up my BU4 Day 1 expeirence!! Have to cut this short as I realized that I have to sleep already for I have to wake up at 5am later :D

Wait for my outfit posts tomorrow! :D

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Krystal Pearl said…
It looks fun! Too bad, I'm back in Cebu for good.. =(
Kookie B. said…
I love yah, Rovs!
omg!! startruck aq uber sa mga photos! but definitely i wud like to have a kiss as well with Ms. Kookie Buhain and Aisa Ipac haha Super Fan nila aq ESP. Sa chictopia hehe KInikilig aq pg ngcomment cla sa look ko kht once lng hehe xx
I wasn't able to go. :(( Next time I promise to go! And hopefully meet you too? :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
Lhyzie Bongon said…
wow! dami bloggers <3
ganda ng outfit mo sis. lalo na un headband <3
michymichymoo said…
Wow dun sa shoes at Php 800! Can't wait for your post about it. :)
ava te said…
aww sweet, rovie!:) nice seeing you again! so fasssyon nung day 1 and 2 visit mo ah! lovet!
Sai Sayson said…
Hindi ako nakapunta sa BU4. Sobrang traffic eh :P Pero good for you! Nakita ko yung mga buys mo! Galing!

- Sai from Fashion by Sai
Woopee!!! Super nice seeing you again that day, twinny! :)
Chriselle Sy said…
Looks like you had so much fun!! Sana pala pumunta ako. Haha
Franc Ramon said…
It's great that you had a chance to meet fellow bloggers. It's really nice when you meet people in person and not just online.
Dys Pacete said…
Wasn't able to come kasi sobrang traffic :(( Next wave na lang. BU5 :)
Dian dela Cruz said…
Hi Rovie! Sayang I wasn't able to come.. Looks fun!! And, ang girly girly mo talaga forever! hehe love itttt! Miss ko kayo mga fab blogger models ng Freeway / Ensembles! hahahha see you soon! *hug*
Mom-Friday said…
I only hear of some popular bloggers and now I can put a face to the names, thanks to your feature! :) BU4 looked so much fun!
Carizza Chua said…
missed BU4 haha and i wonder what you bought from the bazaar. post soon? :)
Carizza Chua said…
-carizza chua haha
Anagon said…
Panalo naman this post, thank you for coming to BU and I also super appreciate your company! Buti nakita mo your pic sa stall ko hehehehe ;) Thanks a!

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