Thrifted Thursdays: That Edge


Hello guys! I know I started a daily segment a couple of weeks back but due to the lack of time (and backlogs to post), I was not able to sustain it. However, today I decided to bring it back and seriously wishing to be able to make this a regular thing on my blog. 

If you remember a couple of weeks back, I walked for the record breaking New Glorietta Vibe (for Ensembles) along with Nicole Santos and Kat Valdez. Since it was my first time to walk on a runway (and feel like a model), I wanted have that "model-off-duty" look by putting on a loose (yet eyecatching) sequined top over a pair of leggings. I was initially wearing flats but for the sake of outfit photos, I wore my (always used) huge pumps (that we were asked to bring for the show).

You know how much I love sequins so when I saw this top (of Rhea Araga) at Kat Valdez' booth last Bazaar for all season (read related post here)  selling at P50, I hurriedly bought it! And in case Kat (and her friends) will have another bazaar, you should be looking for their booth cause seriously, they sell clothes on a very crazy low price!
Top: Thrifted (from Rhea Araga)
Blazer: Thrifted
Leggings: From Palengke (serious!!)
Shoes: Folded & Hung
Shades: Friends'

Thank you so much Nicole Santos for the photos.

Anyways, have to make this really quick guys! Have to go back to work and finish all the remaining deadlines for the year! Hope you can comment on my post! Thank you :)

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


This one is so cute ate! I love the top. Yung booth ba nila yung asa dulo?
love the shoes!! and we both love sequins dear! makes every simple outfit fab!! xx
ava te said…
The top is so cute!:) and love the heels! Truly looks are how people carry them and not where they're from ;)
michymichymoo said…
And now that's a real bargain! :)
Carizza Chua said…
those heels!!! <3 happy holidays!
Kristine Bulatao said…
Love the sparkly top! :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
Claire said…
nice outfit :D i thought you were wearing jeans, leggings pala :D
Mish Rendon said…
Love those shoes! <3
forgot to say na jeggings sya! haha :D
merry christmas too :D
tama ka ava!! :D thank so much :)
super love sequins talaga!:D haha thanks love
Jervie David said…
nice sunglasses :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
That top is only P50?! Wow! It looks really expensive coz it looks so chic.
Joy Caasi said…
Quite a good mix, I love your thrifted outfits! (I'm a thrift lover myself) Hope I can get to invite you in one of my closet sale!
MrsMartinez said…
Such a steal at PhP 50!
You are such a good bargain hunter!

Describe Her said…
In fairness the attire is cheap in price yet with quality.
Carrie Bledsoe said…
What a great bargain!!! I love the outfits, they are amazing! The shininess is my favorite! :) You look like a doll! You're a superstar in the making :D
animetric said…
Oh I thought the top was from F21!
Sai Sayson said…
OH MY GOODNESS! That top is for P50? Gee! Idol kita when it comes to bargains!

- Sai from Fashion by Sai
I WANT YOUR SHOES!!!!!!!!! I super duper love it!!!! Meron pa ba niyan? I want it now and very badly :D
시 재 said…
Panalo ang palengke leggings! Seriously, ang ganda nya. ^^
Cool!! I found my girl counterpart in thrift shopping!! haha.. astig nung "palengke" leggings plus the top.. !


- Justin -
The World According To Me
Anonymous said…
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Honney said…
Wow! Your top only costs P50? Such a steal! :)

Rhea Bue said…
angf ganda mo babbbeee :D love the shades on you toooo :)
Patricia Tan said…
Yay! Love the top! Super cheap! I wanna go and attend some bazaars there! :< SOON!

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