Black and Gold

Hi guys! I have noticed that I haven't posted a lot of outfit shots this week. I must say that I have been very busy with work (since it started last week) that I do not have that much time to update my blog or even take my outfit post. It's only now that I realized that I haven't posted this set of outfit photos that Paolo took last November.
I wore this last year during the wedding of my good friend, Paul. Although I'm not quite comfortable in wearing black on weddings, I just couldn't resist this elegant black dress that I bought from Kelly Medina last Bazaar For All Season last year.
I love how the gold details made me look and feel like a goddess on this dress. Its one of those effortless dresses where you can wear alone and look extra gorgeous on it. Funny how a number of real estate agents went up to me (and other agents too) while we were on Greenhills. Probably because I look very rich and sophisticated with what I'm wearing. (Well, looks can always be deceiving)
Coach Bag from Pao :)
NY Co. Ring and Bangles from Oh My Garment  (They are selling branded items for less! This set of accessories makes me look MAYAMAN all the time)
Soledesire shoes from People are People
Of course would not let this post end without the fiance's ootd too! :D

 However, no matter how much I want to talk more about this, I'd rather keep this short cause I am so exhausted with work. Nonetheless, I hope you like this post and I will try to post more interesting ones the coming days. If you have noticed a slight change on my photos, its because I am slowly (self) learning how to edit my photos on photoshop and photoscape. So again, I am apologizing for some inconsistency on the photos. I will try to learn more and improve soon.

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Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


ruthilicious said…
Haha Im loving Paolo's appearance here! Cute idea!

I love the dress, I agree very effortless.. ;) I love the first pic on this post! Perfect angle babe!

I used to do outfit shots too when I was younger.. gosh, i need a photographer to take my pics! LOL! Haha
Mish Rendon said…
You look like a Greek goddess nga in that dress! :) Love your shoes din! :)

Frances said… definitely look rich in your OOTD. haha.. Black and gold look really classy dear :)

-xoxo, FRANCES
Jenniya said…
Yeah right. You can't go wrong with blacks.

XX, Jenniya
omg! this dress looks os perfect and fits you very well! love your heels also! xx
jhen said…
That dress is so pretty and it looks so good on you! <3

Raisa Mae Fernandez said…
Whoever gave you that bag has good taste! =D
MissApriil said…
That Coach bag was one of the few designs I've been eying on when we went to Coach's outlet store!
MrsMartinez said…
The flowy dress makes one look ethereal ; )

michymichymoo said…
You'll never go wrong with LBDs. :)
조이 said…
LBDs are must have in every woman's closet. And I'm so envious with the bag!!! :)
Bea Bajar said…
The bag and shoes are made for each other! :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
I like the touch of gold on a black dress. It's simple yet elegant. Love the shoes too.
Nikka Krusher said…
OMO! I love your outfit Ate Rovie and Papa Pao he's so CUTEEEEY! ^^,
Mahjakoto said…
you look so sexy with your black dress <3
shopgirljen said…
I super love the dress! Ang goddess lang ng dating! You really look great, Rovie! Miss ko na beauty mo! :))
Arra A. said…
Love that dress. It's really lovely! :)


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