Cookies and Cream

  The cookies and cream couple shirt I bought from Love Chic's booth last bloggers united 4 was so lovely that I decided to wear it for our family's Christmas party last year. Although this post is a little overdue, I still find it worthy to be shared as 2012 was one of the best Christmas Party I ever celebrated with my family.
The celebration was really meaningful as it was joined by all my relatives and most especially the cookie of my life, Paolo.
Just a glimpse of my laidback Christmas outfit
 Me & U Couple Shirt from LoveChic (Shai and Seph)
Auztralian Flats
Pink Fashion Shorts, Bubbles Bangles 

It was a fun party, we all exchanged gifts, ate (a number of different dishes), drink and even watch the kids dance! Holidays celebrated with family makes the season extra memorable.
Kids dancing Chacha
Nanay and Tatay 
I may be an only child but I'm blessed with cousins who love me like their own sister. I am so blessed to have them. 
My small, happy family :)
Divinagracias. My grandparents and their kids. My mom, aunt and uncles who stood as my parents when I was growing up.
Because we all love Tatay so much.

I hope you like this short yet cute post! I somehow enjoy sharing some personal posts along with outfit posts -- which I hope you don't mind. By the way, I'll be posting a giveaway really soon and I'll be giving aways Simone Fashion Closet items! Watch out for it :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Dys Pacete said…
Christmas in January. :) It shows how you really had a very wonderful 2012 Christmas :)
so cute nmn dear! i am having a hard time convincing my husband to have this done as well to wear couple shirts. He said whats with the asians always wearing couple shirts. Though the idea of colour scheme is ok with him hahah so most of the time preho lng ng colours yung mga dmit nmin haha xx
jhen said…
Aww. Ang cute ng tshirt :> meron bang online shop yan? xD

Kathy Kenny Ngo said…
I love the shirt! Now I want one for FM and I! Very nice! And your family looks so happy.
Cool!! Ang ganda nung shirts.. plus you look so cute together.. :)
Hazel said…
awww such sweet couple shirts :)
Rhea Bue said…
awww.. ang cute niyo ni fiance babe!! :) gosh! I so so miss you na!!! :(
Sai Sayson said…
Seeing this post makes me want to fast forward everything to Christmas 2013 haha. Meron din kami ng husband ko ng couple shirt. One and only haha

Sai Montes of Fashion by Sai
Sumi Go said…
Aww.. This is such a sweet post! :) Ang cute niyo with your Cookies and Cream couple shirts! ^^ Anyway, I'm glad to have read that you had a wonderful Christmas party. Hope the next one will even be more awesome! ;)
ruthilicious said…
Cute shirts! Not too cheesy! Hehe Your Christmas Celebration sounds awesome! You seem like you have such fun family! Cute! ;)
MissApriil said…
oh my gosh ang cute nyo lang! my hubby and i can't do matchy matchy shirts, di nya feel kasi. hehe
yaaaay. i spent my christmas wsith the fambam too! Its always a nice feeling to be with the family. I agree weith you, extra memorable nga:) heeey nice shirts too!
☆ Lhyzie ♥ said…
i want the shirt! ang cool :D btw, ganda din ng palda :)
Angelique Misa said…
Cute couple shirt :) Nice outfit too! Love the skirt :D
Mish Rendon said…
Great photos, Rovie! :) You and your hubby-to-be look great together! :)
Arra A. said…
Cute the matching shirts! Love your shorts, too! Looks like you really had a great Christmas! :)


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