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It was the Saturday before Christmas, when Paolo and I were invited to attend Pong and Ana's wedding at Lipa, Batangas. It was a wedding quite different from those we have attended -- a reception held at Blue Roze farm (which reminded me a lot of La Mesa Eco Park), a reception with a food parade and Chinese-served style.
I did not intend to wear this outfit for the wedding, but because Paolo insisted that I should sleep over his place the night before I have no choice but to work on the clothes that I have on his place. Luckily, I have found these cool-colored dresses in Paolo's house that was perfect for a garden wedding reception. If you have noticed, I have worn both of these piece (the blue top on this post and the mustard dress used as a skirt on this post) already but with a simple mix and match, the outfit looks a little new!
 Blue Dress used as top: Thrifted from Nicole Santos' booth last Super Sale Bazaar
Mustard Dress used as Skirt: Thrifted from Aisa Ipac's booth last Bazaar for All Season
There's nothing wrong to repeat outfits as long as you style it differently. That's the reason why I'm a huge fan of outfits that have a number of uses (like a dress that can be used as a skirt and vice versa) so I can always re-wear them.
A smiling photo. I have always posted my outfit shots with a closed-mouth smile (which I have been terming as Papaya Smile, hihi) but because its already 2013, I decided to make smiling one of my new year's resolution. I still have to gain a little more confidence in doing this for I still feel ugly everytime I show off my teeth. Do you agree?
Earrings: Random
Ring: New York and Co from Oh My Garment
Shoes: SM Parisian
I'm bringing sexy back!
And just 11 months from now, I'll have another ring as I change my marital status. 

There goes my first outfit post for 2013!! I really hope this post is a first step in making better outfit posts and write ups. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. 

Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks so much for supporting The Bargain Doll in 2012 and I hope you'll do the same this year. In case you've missed, read why 2012 is my best year so far on my Best of 2012 post.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta


Sai Sayson said…
Excited ako sa wedding mo girl! Love the shoes, btw :)

- Sai from Fashion by Sai
you are prettier with your teeth shown ate :)
Dian dela Cruz said…
Love the skirt. Sayang wasn't able to drop by BU4.. But Freeway sponsored!! haha! :)
ruthilicious said…
You look lovely on that smiling photo! It was timely, my niece visited us this holiday season, and she also loves doing the Papaya Smile. Hehe. Like me. So I told her, she looks more beautiful smiling with teeth, and she listened to me. She now smiles with teeth. :D I wish to smile showing my teeth too, maybe soon =)
Jo-Ann said…
I like your shoes, nice to pair in skirts and dresses.
omg! suot mo nnman yung hikaw ntin haha! joke lng same k din kc ng skn as i've menioned b4 remmber? hehe love the colours you wore that time! and im so inlove with your shoes! xx
Jenniya said…
Amazing shoes!
I hope you can check my blog and follow me, too.

XX, Jenniya
michymichymoo said…
You look prettier when you smile. :) Love the shoes! I remember camping at Blue Roze back in HS. I hope they still have to ostriches there. :P
Michael Macalos said…
napaka vibrant ng colors ng outfit mo here :)
ang lakas maka good vibes!
You look so pretty when you smiled!! congrats dahil you will finally be a wife!! :_
Julie Ann Lozada said…
cool color indeed... like what Justin said... you look pretty when you smiled - pls. smile more often! Happy New Year! :)
thanks sai :)
aaw thanks baby :D
hope you dropped by ms d!! :D see you soon :)
soon dapat sabay na tayo girl :)
thanks jo-ann :D
yes i always wear them! haha :P
thanks mich!! they have huge manoks promise haha :D
thanks justin :)
thanks love julie :D:D
Congratulations on your next ring (11 months from now)...Blue has always been one of my favorite colors and you showed its also great for the added more spunk to the color combination....The accessories added glamour - and totally loved the high-heeled shoes!
Franc Ramon said…
That's a colorful way to welcome the new year. The countdown begins for your next ring.
Dys Pacete said…
Perfect Color for garden wedding. :) Love the shoes!! How much is that? :)
Patricia Tan said…
I love the shoes! It's just so perfect with the dress / skirt! <3
Arra A. said…
Keep smiling!! You're so pretty so keep doing it! :)


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