Cute Little Date

 It was the last day of my 2-week holiday break when Paolo and I decided to go for a stroll at Gateway Mall and watch another MMFF entry we found interesting, which is El Presidente. It has been a tradition, that we have to watch at least one MMFF entry every year, the one that we believe deserves our time (and our money) to be watched on the big screen. We have already watched One More Try and because El Presidente's trailer is so interesting (we are inclined on watching films that has a historical background and good cinematography) we decided to give it a shot. It was a good decision, as we have learned a lot of surprising details about our history and also got very much impressed on the cinematography and effects that we believe is better than the local movies we have previously watched. However, on the downside the acting could have been improved if artists are chosen properly to play the role.
Okay, okay I think I should put to a stop to my little movie critic self and concentrate on fashion blogging (which I believe I'm better at). I wore this beautiful Pink Fashion dress for our mini date and top it with my favorite SM GTW Redhead pink blazer to keep me warm while inside the cinemas.
 I love the details of the dress -- the white see-through detail on the top gives it a romantic and girly feel -- making the perfect choice of outfit for a sweet date.
As promised, here's a flash of smile! I pray for the time that my braces will be finally removed so I can smile proudly. Well, that is something I really look forward to.
 SM Accessories pearl set. I do not know if it was a mistake but the price tag says it was just P49.75! So I bought it on impulse It may be fancy but it definitely made my look a little formal.
 My favorite Folded and Hung pumps. I know you have seen this pair more than thrice on my blog but this is only black high-heeled pumps I own. I am still in contemplation whether or not I should buy a new pair.
 Micheal Kors Bag. Thank God Paolo traveled to US and I was able to to purchase this bag in a much cheaper price. I'm just surprised how designer bags are so overpriced here in the Philippines.
But because the photographer, Paolo got tired of taking my photos I decided to switch places and took his outfit of the day shots. I'm also on the resolution of trying to dress him up (because he is so stubborn to do it) and I hope I get to be successful in transforming the boyfriend from a shirt and pants guy to a stylish one.
Shoes: Fila Watch: Tommy Hilfiger :D

The Bargain Doll and The Bargain Doll's Boyfriend. :P
It was a great day. We had Taco Bell before watching the 3-hour film. Since the movie ended around after dinner time, we ended up getting hungry on our way home (to Malabon) which led us to eating at a carinderia in our place called The General's place.
 Porksilog and hotsilog for late dinner! Masarap na mura pa at P50! Haha!

Anyways, I hope you guys  like this relatively long post. I seemed to be enjoying sharing a lot of things here on my blog and I hope you don't mind my little side stories. Would definitely appreciate your feedback :)

Much Love
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta


Nikka said…
I love the Pink blazer and the pumps! But I like more your boyfriend Ate Rovie! He's so cute! Papa Pao ^^,
peachkins said…
I found this post both fashionable and sweet! You look cute together!
Dys Pacete said…
That pink lipstick is <3 The dress is a little simple but the blazer gives a pop of color plus the pearl accessories made it fashionable. :) Bravo! :) And Papa P, i love his Tommy Hilfiger watch! :) Nako, beware baka maging fashion blogger nadin si Pao! :D
Helen Blas said…
Nagmatch yung pink lipstick mo sa blazer. Ganda ganda mo Rovie! :)
cool!! you look so cute together.. ang ganda nung blazer mo.. really matches your dress.. :)
haha ang cute nyo nmn dear!! love the pearls you're wearing and of course the pink blazer!! hehe xx
Kai Grafia said…
I have a blazer in the same color! :D Love the outfit dear :D You look so pretty!
Hannah said…
I think your smile is lovely naman :) And you look good together :)
Jo-Ann said…
Very cute date, its nice that you have so much time for each other. When I was still single I used to watch a lot of movies, but not now that I settled down.
Earth Rullan said…
Oh what a cute outfit you are like a classic pinup doll with that sweetheart neckline and those pumps! ang kulet din ni Pao game na game sa outfit shot haha :) I agree about the super duper overpriced designer bags here in Manila!
MissApriil said…
Love the pumps, Rovie! Very fasyown! And your other half, gumagawa na din ng OOTD! Hehehe

yanadelacruz said…
Very cute outfit! The pop of color from the Blazer!

What a lovely couple :-)
Bea Bajar said…
You look so good together Rovie! :) Anyway, love your pumps, so classy and looks comfortable to wear :)
I love your outfit sis, you look puuureteeee! Understated chic.:)
Lourdes Espanol said…
You two are so cute! As usual I love your outfit. I don't think I can give justice to those shoes.
michymichymoo said…
Reminds me that I should watch Sisterakas soon! Still haven't found time for it. Anyway, you really look good in dresses. Love your shoes (as always). :)
Mary Lovelee said…
you guys look so cute together. And i love your hot pink blazer. =)
Mish Rendon said…
Love those heels! I don't mind seeing them a lot! :) Ang cute niyong couple. Di na nga kita naabutan haha! 07 ako, pero 08 ako pumasok sa UPM. :)
Jenniya said…
Sweet. you two are cuteness!

XX, Jenniya
Kero Pinkihan said…
that's a sweet little story. You are blessed with a man who sincerely cares for you. i pray it will always be that way. =)..may you both have a blessed 2013!
Sumi Go said…
You two are such an adorable couple! :D Anyway, love your dress. It looks perfect with the shade of lipstick you chose! :) Btw, I appreciated your film critic tidbit actually. I haven't seen the trailer for El Presidente, but because of you, I'd be checking it out now! :D
I haven't seen El presidente yet, and i think i should give it a try though thats not my type of movie. my whole family watched the Sisterakas because we love Vice ganda,,, haha! anyway, you look more pretty with PINK FASHION dress and nag match talaga ung pink blazer mo!
Deann said…
Cool envy you sis! I hope my partner take shots of my outfit look too. HOPING! LOL haha
I love the dress! And yes you should buy new pumps! Ako I'm collecting na even though I'm a mom already haha! I want to wear them kasi. Well about the movie I'm just waiting for their DVD copy release on Torrent hah! Gusto ko rin yang EL President so dami ng casting lol.
조이 said…
How nice of the BF to pose for you, hehe. I'm sure his transformation will be complete once you tie the knot. Haha. :)
Mary said…
Awww. I love your BF also posed! :) Nice photos sis. Happy new YEAR. PS> I love your blazer!
hahahah you guys are so cute! You look so elegant, Rovie, especially with the pearls. I have yet to watch an MMFF film but might do so tomorrow! hahaha Gusto ko yung mababaw lang like sosy problems :D
Aileen A. said…
Woot! Now your boyfriend is also joining the bandwagon! :)) Cute! And can I just say, I love the dress! <3
Lhyzie Bongon said…
I love your black dress! Bongga si boyfie! :))
ruthilicious said…
Oh cute! Paolo has a cameo role in this blog ;) I also watched El Presidente, it is good.. but got me more intrigue with the Phil History.

I love the pink blazer.. it is a must for every woman's closet! ;)
Franc Ramon said…
I haven't watched any of the entries yet, maybe I'll just wait for the DVD version. Too busy lately. Another great outfit post and you even convinced your fiance to pose too.
Claire said…
Haven't watched any of the entries yet but El presidente is on my list if ever i get the chance to watch one. So those are called pumps, lol not really that knowledgeable about fashion stuff.
Trisha Kue U said…
I like your bag! And aww you both look so adorable! More photos of you guys please!
Bella Morcen said…
Wow si Kuya Paolo may OOTD rin! Please dye your hair babe! :) I miss you! :(
Patricia Tan said…
Blazer always add some spice to all of the outfits! You look blooming with it. I don't know na my EL Presidente pala na movie haha
Liz said…
I love black pumps, they look good in almost anything you wear. So i don't mind wearing them more than thrice. :) Awww. You and your boyfie look good together. you kinda remind me of how Liz Uy used to be John Lloyd's stylist, I do hope however that your relationship won't end like them. You look so in love, so I doubt! :) Will be looking forward to your next look and updates!
Wishing you more love this 2012, sweetie! Kisses! :)
I love the romance, guys...It brings more color and interest to the products you are promoting. Making it a personal testimonial really attracts a lot of attention
Arra A. said…
Lakas maka-Audrey Hepburn ng outfit! Swear! It really reminded me of her! Kudos to the boyfriend! Love the look!


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