I was in the mood for some comfy wear when I went to Robinson's Magnolia with Paolo and my mom. I don't usually wear jeans and flats (for I always think that they make me look fat and short) but since it was just a stroll, I decided to look the unusual - grunge.


H&M Jeans, Fly Shades
Bangles: New York Co. c/o Oh My Garment
Topshop bag
Cotton On top
 Rubi sandals

It may sound so weird but it was Paolo and my mom's first time to be in the mall. Honestly, we were surprised to find out that there are no murang pagkain at the food court area where we decided to eat. I was expecting to see some stalls that sell Filipino dishes (if you know what I mean) but there was just a few. So, I decided to treat mom with Salt and Pepper (my first time to try) while Paolo had Pepper Lunch.
I had Chicken Kebab + Eggplant Salad (the name I don't know exactly). The chicken meat was soft and the salad was okay. It could have been better if the yogurt dip has more garlic taste than the creamy taste.
Mom's delicious Kebab burger.
Having my default Gong Cha milk tea flavor -- Wintermelon. Mom had the Gong Cha coffee but because we were not impressed, I'd rather not post it
Paolo ate his Pepper Lunch agad before I can even take a shot. (Hayy boys talaga!)

Because I am still so tired from working out (I started circuit training at 360 Fitness Club Timog just this week) I have to make this somehow quick. So I'm leaving you with our somehow wacky photo together, taken by my mom.

Have a great weekend guys! I hope you have joined my giveaway already :D If not, just click this link:
Much Love,

The Bargain Doll


JennyAustria said…
ang cute nio :)))
parang ang sarap nung kay pao yung pepper lunch
love the top and sunglasses first time to see you wearing jeans! haha I wear jeans a lot though, hehe
Rhea Bue said…
ganda mo babbbeee <3 love love the top on you!! :) super cool nitong laid back look :3 and yey! pepperlunch!!! my fave! <3
krisna velasco said…
ganda!! what camera are u using na pala?
Arra A. said…
Ang cute niyo together! There are days talaga when you don't feel like doing "blogger dressing," noh? But still, I love your bag so much! Ang gandaaaa!


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