Little Girl

I never thought that clothes from SM Kids department would actually fit me. I was given SM Kids fashion  vouchers months ago and it was only the Christmas season that I was able to use it.  I felt like a happy kid when I learned that the dresses of Blush (on SM Kids Fashion) fit me! Well, the sizes 16-18 do. So I wore this on a movie date with the fiance to feel and look like a little happy girl.
I am in love with fluffy dresses. They never fail to make me feel feminine and sweet (which I think is my most comfortable style).
My cousin's headband made my look extra girly. I think little girls wear this a lot --- which made me feel like a little 12 yo too. 
Silver bangles and ring NY & Co c/o OH MY GARMENT
Bag: Michael Kors, Shoes: Syrup (People are People)
As promised, more smiles!

But of course, this post would not be complete without Paolo's OOTD. 
GAP top and sweater
FILA Shoes

I hope you guys are all having a great Sunday! Making this post really quick! Have a nice day!

Thank you ARC PR for the SM Kids GC! I love them. :D
Much Love
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta



Danielle Lizan Zambrano said…
hello I am a daily reader and even though your blog ain't updating yet nakaabang na ako so I would just like to say I love your smile even though you have braces on its okat to smile even with it you are beautiful ;> I hope I'll meet you soon
Helen Blas said…
Super like ko yung dress! Mukha kang doll! :D Punta nga rin ako sa kids section! :)
michymichymoo said…
I like your shoes and your hair. Permanent curls ba yan? :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
If dresses at SM Kids fit you, I bet it will also fit me since I'm petite. I love it on you.
eyahnism said…
hihi me naman I wear Sm kids shoes I'm size 4 kasi.. asar lang.. though sometimes it doesn't fit me well iba kasi shape ng feet ng bata.. :) I have sm kids din yung bubble gum ata yung tatak :) Nice outfit.. :) sweet lang :D
omg! i guess this dresses looks perfect on you babe! prang inlove to the max lang hehe. Love the bag as well jelly nmn aq sa micheal kors mo! Wla aq nyan hehe xx
Angelique Misa said…
Wow! You really look cute plus the bow clip made you look more like a kid :)
Mrs. A to Z.♥ said…
very cute dress! hehe cute na for kids siya! and aww the fiancé!
megannmonday said…
From afar, I wouldn't have given this dress a chance. It's too pink for me! :( But I see ang cute pala ng print. Haha if they have this in blue maybe I'll get one too!

Queenly said…
Cute dress and sweet smile :)

I'll be glad if you visit my blog, I really do like to get in touch with fellow Pinay bloggers. I'm very new in the blogosphere. So thanks I found yours :)
Any messages/invites are super welcome <3
Nikka Krusher said…
Super likeeeeee! Dolly doll :)
you really look like a little girl Rovie! you look so feminine, bet na bet! :D
Kai Grafia said…
Awesome!!! I should try looking for dresses in the Kid's section too :DDD HAHAHA! That dress really looks good on you and I love the colors!
Mish Rendon said…
So adorable! Feeling ko kasya din sakin mga damit sa kids section kaso baka lalo ako magmukhang bata. :) Love the shoes din, Rovie! :)
Arra A. said…
Uulitin ko comment ko, you're so cute, Rovie! Lakas talaga maka-bagets! And keep smiling, you look so pretty! Love the rosy red cheeks para kang doll! :)

krissy said…
I love your dress, Rovie! Which reminds me, I still have SM Kids gift certs left, I should use them soon! :D
You look so feminine and pretty!
I am also in love with your nude heels! :)

-xoxo, FRANCES
Earth Rullan said…
I love the dress looks good on you I also love your headband! Smile looks better on you! :) Stay gorgeous!
Pretty Ugly said…
You are too cute! I love the dress. I remember I used to fit in SM kids clothes as well when I was in college (and then I gained a bit of weight and my boobs grew. Meh).
조이 said…
So adorbs the outfit! Love your makeup, too! :)
Green Monday said…
the dress suits you and such adorable headband. love the whole ensembles.
Franc Ramon said…
The dress gives you a youthful glow. I think it's a lot cheaper to go for kids size as long as it fits you.
woooow you look so so pretty girly rov. and hey cute hair axes! how i wish im as skinny as you :( I really have a hard time finsding my size when shopping. gaaad!
Sam Lanuza said…
ang blooming mo dear. :)
Nici said…
Your dress is so cute!

Btw nice header! Have you made it on your own?


I so love the dress to think that you've got it from the children's department! Love the outfit! Perfect for a movie date, indeed!

I also go to the children's department when buying clothes. A lot of my clothes are teen sizes. They fit me better than women's clothing.

Florence LM said…
Hi Roviedear, you really look like Julia Montes! We have the same MK bag. :) Keep smiling! :)
jonna said…
i like your headband~ i've followed you on GFC~ please visit me and follow back? i think you'll like my fashion/art posts!~

Phyll said…
Hi! :)
The dress is stunningly adorable! It's so cute on you! Plus the headband is cute. Really girly! :)
That dress is unbelievably adorable!
Sumi Go said…
Wow sis Rovie! I'm so inggit! I used to fit to kids sizes too, but not anymore >.< Anyway, you look really adorable with that dress on. It doesn't look as if it's from the kids section ;)
Aya said…
Waaa so cute!!! Love your lip color too, it matches the outfit din! Hihi. And I loooove the beachy waves! If only I had the patience to do that on my hair too hahahaha :D
NinMonster said…
So cute! I've wondered whether dresses in the kids' section would fit me but ikaw kasi sexy! Ako chubby hihihi

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shopgirljen said…
Loooove your shoes!! Too bad I don't have it in my size in PRP. Super inggit kasya ka sa kid's section. You look great, Rovie!! :)
Trisha Kue U said…
Nice arm wear! <3 Looking good, sis. <3
Mahjakoto said…
I am inggit with the post naman hihih
Patricia Tan said…
Pretty! I like the dress! you look indeed like a little girl! :)
Ayzee Casimiro said…
Rovie! You're such a doll! :)
MissApriil said…
Wow! Srsly? From the kid's section? :o You look like a life sized Barbie here :)

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