Nail Spa Date

 Once in a while, I pamper myself with some mani-pedi (sometimes with matching foot spa). I always frequent this nail spa called Nails.Glow cause of its affordable rate yet wonderful service. So when the fiance complained that he feels his feet getting rough, I decided to give him a foot spa treat at a nearby Nails. Glow in Roosevelt, QC.
Because its 2013, I chose the color of the year -- Green (or should I say Pantone?)
Before everything else, I had to soak my nails on this. So cute.
Because it was a Monday, it was a work-from-home day for Paolo so he had to bring his laptop while having his foot spa. (A little FYI: Paolo had his last  foot spa probably 3 years ago. You know how some guys are so stubborn to pamper themselves!)
Working, online shopping while having some pedicure. Good job, Pao!
They have a lot of affordable services. I had my eyelash perming on their Mandaluyong branch that costs around P300 only. I also remember having a complete Orly mani-pedi for only P135! (The local polish costs around P65 per area)
And I also love the fact that the staff are not rushing their job eventhough Paolo and I arrived late. They closed at around 9:30PM but they are taking their time to finish their work (which ended up around 11PM).
Afterwards, Paolo and I went to Mister Kebab for some late dinner.
Where I had Motabal and Paolo had sizzling Keema.
And after a wonderful footspa, here's the result! Soft toes and clean nails!

Paolo was indeed very happy to have extra clean nails and callous free feet and I'm glad he finally found time to pamper himself and agreed to get some mani-pedi too! It's really fun to bond with your partner especially when its an activity that is normally girly.

Anyways, have you seen my beauty  review about CHANEL TEINT INNOCENCE? Check it here:

PS: Its my first time to edit my photos (using photoshop) and I apologize for if you notice some unevenness on the colors. I need more practice! :D
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


So sweet (referring to the two of you) and of course the pampering at Nails.Glow with the foot spa and mani-pedi treats. Best of luck to your relationship!
Jenniya said…
You two are cute and sweet.

XX, Jenniya
Love the color you picked!

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Thank you! :)
nice and great bonding dear! My husband and I loves to go together for a full body massage/full body scrub!! it feels good right? I want to learn photoshop also hahah I am using GIMP for now.
michymichymoo said…
I also have a suking nail spa, Luxe Nail Lounge at Rob Galleria. :)
Anne said…
Ugh, I envy you two! Such a sweet couple <3 Wish I can have my nails done too in a spa soon (even it means I'm going alone, haha).
Helen Blas said…
lagi ko nadadaanan to, kaso never ako pumasok. ok pala :) ganda ng nails nyo!
Blanca said…
I love having my nails done, its such a relaxing experience, a real stress buster!:)
I love mani-pedi-foot spa treatments! A girl's gotta pamper herself once in a while. But I never had a spa date before ;)

Do they have a lot of branches? I never encountered this one before. :)
☆ Lhyzie ♥ said…
ang ganda ng nail color <3 ayoko nag papafootspa, nakikiliti ako. hihi.
Jo-Ann said…
I love your bonding, with beauty package, haha! cool..
Kai Grafia said…
OMG! Nice bonding sis. I doubt my bf would accompany me to a mani-pedi session. Tsk.

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