Posing on a Broad Daylight


The sun was literally burning when Paolo and I decided to take my outfit shots on top of our (unfinished) rooftop. The sun was so high that I could not even open my eyes as I pose in front of the camera. So while I was (learning) editing the photos, I decided to incorporate some texts and give you tips on how to pose on a broad daylight, especially when you cannot (literally) open your eyes (And you FORGOT to bring your SUNGLASSES which Angel reminded me haha). So let me share with you how I survived the heat and posed like Allison Harvard. Haha!
Easy Greasy! I had no choice but to keep my head down! However I had to do some things in order for me to project in an artsy was so all I needed to do was to: (1) project a dreamy face and (2) pretend that I was fixing something (in this case, my The Bead Diary headpiece). However, since I was so desperate to have at least one photo, Paolo and I had to device a way for me to smile infront of the camera.
1,2,3 then click the shutter! Tada!! Tsamba! I only have a couple of open-eyed photos as most are either closed, half closed or literally just looking down. So if you plan to be the tiis ganda like me and have yourself photographed sa initan follow these easy steps for the sake of having outfit photos.
Dainty overload with this wonderful House of Isla Handmade Bib Necklace. It was so pretty that it can make any outfit feel and look dainty, sweet and girly (Just like what I always wanted). The piece is so lovely so you would definitely see me wearing this again and again and again. (Get lots of crafty pieces on House of Isla's Facebook Page and Blog).
Hang Ten Top, Tomato Bangles, The Bead Diary Floral Headpiece
Thrifted Skirt
Lyn Shoes
So before I hit the sack and rest my body from a super tiring workout I had today, I'm leaving you with another tsamba shot with my dopey eyes. Its really the best you can have when you're striking a pose (and you're not a professional model) on your rooftop at lunch time while the sun strikes back at you.

Hope you like this post. Should I post more pseudo-tutorials? 

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta, Edited by Yours truly


Nikka Krusher said…
I love it ate. So Gorgeous! OM. Same tayo ng collar :)
Mish Rendon said…
Super hassle nga pag sobrang tirik ang araw. Hassle din naman pag walang araw. Blogger problems haha! But you look effortlessly pretty in your photos! :)

xx, http://www.mishrendon.com
Kathy Kenny Ngo said…
I love the details of your cheeks ... the blush on is very light and it looks so natural. Fab shoes as well my dear!
The skirt and the floral top complemented so well. Love it! :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
omg! the dress and headband looks so fairytale lang!! cute shoes too! love the collar too! xx
Dys Pacete said…
Yes!!! Yung last idea mo! Tama yun! Ganon nga daw ginagawa pag nagshhoot sa initan. :) Pag nagclick ng shutter saka magopen ng eyes. :) Love your outfit here. :)
Rhea Bue said…
annng cute mo babe!! :3 natuwa ako sa 1..2..3 open eyes :)) ang kulit! <3 love it! miss you :3
Mrs. A to Z.♥ said…
hehe love the captions!:) cute outfit, rovie!!
Mamta Balani said…
gorgeous and awesome apparel. nice pictures.
Stephen Lea said…
Super pictures nice write up!
Frances said…
You look so pretty and dainty with your outfit! Very demure and lady-like.
Bet na bet ko kasi ito talaga ang style ko. haha :)

-xoxo, FRANCES
megannmonday said…
Cool tips, ate! You can also go partly against the sunlight to purposely create a glare and have a "dreamy" photo. Like what I did with the first photo in THIS POST :)

Let's Slice soon!

xx Megann / Style Surgery
☆ Lhyzie ♥ said…
Ang ganda! Like na like ko ung outfit :)
Kai Grafia said…
OMG sis! I super love your outfit! I am in love with florals and skirts =))) Ahhh! Mine na the skirt pls!! :))
Trisha Kue U said…
I LOVE FLORAL PRINTSSSS! <3 Drool TT I want that top :D
Love the dainty peg, Rovie! :)

- Demmie Fermin of The Twins Owning It
Claire said…
love the outfit especially your headpiece, and the top too :D <3
Franc Ramon said…
Great combination of text and photos and even if you can't open your eyes due to the sun. You still look pretty in this photos.
Donnico Barcelon said…
Very nice outfit! love the femininity! :-)



Arra A. said…
I love the outfit. Very romantic and sweet. It reminded me of a fairy :)


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