Almost Sunset

This is already it! The intense heat, the burning sun, summer is already here! Its the season to wear maxi dresses, floral, prints and everything breezy and dandy. So for my first summer related outfit post (I am definitely trying to veer away from my snow-filled South Kore photos), let me share with you what I wore during our post-Valentines / 101th monthsary / engagement anniversary date at Sonya's Garden Tagaytay.
 I have always admired the magic hour photos Tricia Gosingitan posts in her blog and I am very pleased that Paolo and I were able to capture an almost similar version. Well, I know its not entirely the same but we somehow managed to take shots during the sunset (while we stopped over on our way to Tagaytay).
I got this wonderful, sexy dress 50% off at Tomato when I was shopping weeks back. It was a timely purchase cause its just perfect for summer! It was also sexy enough to dress up for a supposedly romantic date, I made a great decision, did I?
Gold Sandals: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
However, we had another set of photos cause we cannot maximize the sunset moment.
And because I'm on a special date, I had to make sure that I have soft, smooth skin so I used Nivea Intensive Milk Lotion to wear that backless dress proud. 

That's how we spent a romantic dinner at Sonya's Garden Tagaytay. If you notice how much we frequent the Tagaytay / Nasugbu area you'd know why we chose Tagaytay to be our wedding place. :D

Have a happy Sunday guys!

Much Love
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


Helen Blas said…
Bakit nung finit ko tong dress hindi sexy, sayo super sexy! Haha! :D
Dys Pacete said…
Sexy! :) Ganda ng choice of color. Floral looks romantic talaga. :) Anyway, sayang hindi tayo nagkikita sa Tagaytay/. :(
zomg! i love all the outfit shots!! ska yung hangin effect sa dmit mo and hair bongga! xx
jhen said…
Cos summer is almost here! yey! The Maxi dress looks good on you! gaaah! How I wish I could wear maxi dress too. :3 too bad my height is not a appropriate for it. I love how the wind pass by on you. the shot were really great! :D Cute couple! you guys are vegetarian? lots of green leafy foods! :D yumm!

Mrs. Gaeul said…
Looking gorgeous! It is still so cold here. :(
yaniconquistadora said…
Oh dear, as always you look pretty and flawless! :) I have a floral dress that look likes yours. Suits you well.
love the shoes! :) anyways, new post on my blog dear, will be very happy if you'll visit my newest post and hype my new look, thankies! :))

Dorry Lyn said…
we can't postpone summer... it's definitely here.. i so like your dress up
michymichymoo said…
Love your dress (though I can never wear it). A Tagaytay wedding! <3 Are you getting Caleruega? :)
exlinkevents said…
I agree summer is here and I can't wait to embrace it. Also, I guess I will be seeing a lot of women wearing your dress that looks comfy and stylish.
Rhea Bue said…
GORGEOUS babe!!! :) I love the photos.. and the shoooesss <3
Franc Ramon said…
Looks like Nivea is very effective in giving you smooth and soft skin. You really looked refreshing here.
haha may laman kasi ako :D lol!
sorry i tend to forget to text you!! :Z
thanks mary jane :D
aaw soon youll be sporting summer outfits!!
Bella Morcen said…
Ang sweet sweet! <3 When ba tayo magkita? At arbor ng shoes mo!
Kaye T said…
I love your dress very much! Maxi and floral...And the gold sandals just nicely matched the entire outfit. And the food!!! You're making me!
Kai Grafia said…
OMG sis! I'm in love with the dress and the shoes!! It looks perfect together just like how perfect you and your fiancee is :)
Rainne Villena said…
I love the dress! But I really love the earrings! :D I love those kind of earrings! ^^
Earth Rullan said…
yes naman sa placement ng Nivea :) love the shoes!
Patricia Tan said…
So summer color plus the dress! Perfect for the night with the fiancee! Foooood! :9
grace said…
whew!!! I am speechless girl. You are truly gorgeous..hahahaha I have the same figure as you when I was younger... look at me now!!
whew!!! I am speechless girl. You are truly gorgeous..hahahaha I have
the same figure as you when I was younger... look at me now!!

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