Happy Valentines Day!

 Its that time of the year again! Where everyone was heavily bit by the love bug. For all romantics out there (most especially myself), Valentines is something I look forward to and celebrate with my now fiancĂ© every year. Valentines is probably the only time of the year where I expect to be surprised with a bouquet of flowers (which Paolo still hasn't missed) and be treated like a lady (or a childhood crush). However since 14th is also my Lola's birthday, Paolo and I celebrate Valentines either earlier or later.

Nanay Lily and I posing with our boquet of flowers from our Valentino, Paolo

Since Valentines is not just for the girls, I decided to give Paolo a treat at his favorite Japanese Katsu place in the world, YABU.

I'm telling you its so fantastic!! 

We even saw the awesome and talented duo Bella and Kevin! Miss you bella!!

Afterwards Paolo went with me earlier at club 360 fitness for my long overdue gym time. Before we both went to Dangwa to get my lola and her mom flowers for Valentines Day.

 Funny how Paolo brought me to Dangwa first rime in 8 years in the eve of Valentines.  We chose flowers for our moms while I tell him on the side that for this year I want a different type (not roses na). He still managed to surprise me with pink carnations that are so fragrant.

Its a different but sweet prevalentine celebration for us. But were going to celebrate it again on the 16th, for the first year anniversary of  our engagement / monthsary :)

Ps: Blogged using my phone so sorry for some errors :) 
Much Love, TBD


ROXY said…
Happy Valentine's Day Pretty Rovie :) Love love love :)) Hope you'll had a blast today <3

heartofatigress said…
Happy Valentine's Day <3 Love, Love, Love!
Arra A. said…
Lucky! The flowers are really lovely! Happy birthday to nanay and happy Valentines day! :) Ahh Yabu! It made me crave! :)


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