I Thrifted for Winter

Good morning guys! I have been having a hard time updating my blog so I decided to change my blogging schedule and change it to morning (before I head to work) instead of evening. Since the start of the year, I have been having a hard time managing my schedule cause I have been very busy with work (which is also the reason why I seldom attend some events). So now, I'm changing my posting schedule with the hope that people will still have time to read it.
Anyways, I would like to share with you what I wore during our last day at Seoul.  We only had 3 short days of tour in the beautiful city and I only had 3 opportunities to wear winter outfits. I aimed for an edgy, grungy and now that New York Vibe which I believe I failed to achieve cause I did not bring a pair of high heeled boots for the trip. (The last time I walked around in heeled boots during a trip my feet almost died of pain so I learned my lesson by NOT bringing anything with heels. Haha!)
Bonnet: Borrowed from a friend
Fur Details of the thrifted JESSICA coat. Bought it for only P85! (See related post here)
Gloves: From Paolo, Scarf from my Lola
Shoes from Mom, Legwear from Forever 21
Thank you, Francis Dungao for the photos
After our shopping at Myeong-Dong I saw this cute red ear muffs (for only 2000W) and I bought it to keep me warm. I also added another layer of fur vest on top of my dress that I also thrifted before I went to Korea.
I asked my friend, Belle Villanueva to take a couple of photos of my now complete outfit while we are on the World Cup stadium.
How cute are these ear muffs!

I hope you liked this post. Have to end now as I need to go to back to work! Would really appreciate your thoughts on my outfit.

Please hype my look on lookbook and chictopia!

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Jenniya said…
Love the ear muffs! Every time I go ukay and see winter jackets, I secretly wishing and imagining myself rocking winter outfits someday. Haha! I haven't gone out of the country and I wish that will happen soon. You look so stylish here by the way.

XX, IamJenniya
Franc Ramon said…
I think morning blogging schedule is more efficient. You really look good in winter clothes.
Kai Grafia said…
OMG! I love this winter look of yours! I always wanted to wear those kinds of outfit but I guess I need a place that has snow. HAHA
jhen said…
The ear puff is so cute! and I love your shoes! :3 I wish I could wear winter clothes too! hahah! I wish Philippines has a winter season. trol :3


xoxo. http://www.ostarey.info/
Mrs. Kolca said…
How's the temperature that day? Btw, I love your legwear. I need some of those!!
nice winter look! now i am thinking why i dont look like that when we went to australia and that's winter too i was so cold like that but still i am wearing high heels and just jacket kaloka! haha love your korea outfit shots dear! xx
☆ Lhyzie ♥ said…
I love your shoes! Buti ka pa nakapunta na jan. :) Dream kong puntahan yan eh.
michymichymoo said…
You look really great in that outfit! :)
Mom-Friday said…
I hope I can tour Korea soon! I like your tights/leggings. :)
Your blog design is so pretty!
Jade said…
I think lalong nag blush ang cheeks mo dahil sa weather...
Kaye T. said…
Ear muffs - so cute! I really like how good you are in doing thrift shopping. Imagine getting a pretty fur coat for only P85?! That's an awesome deal! So nice to see your fully covered outfit but still fashionably cute.
Mrs. Gaeul said…
Myeong-dong is full of cute stuff. I think I walked back with two huge bags from there, haha! I love your dress, very feminine and classy. <3
Wander Woman said…
You look so adorable! I wish I could look as good in winter clothes! It's not fair. :p

I love the color combo too. And the ear muffs are so cute!
조이 Czjai said…
Awww! So you've been to the Land of the Morning Calm already! How did I ever miss this post in my Blogger feed?! Looking great, sis. I'm sure you had a blast in Korea. :)
Cai said…
Cute outfit Rovie, winter suits you!
Pinoy Wit said…
I think even without the heels the look is New Yorkish. I love it and I wish I could be just as creative with my outfit choices. :D
Kero Pinkihan said…
Winter is my favorite season to go all out and dress up. I'm glad that despite the international flight away, you hauled the cutie delicate lace dress. There's nothing more interesting than a peek of a lovely dress inside a coat. hope you enjoyed your vacation!

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