South Korea | Nami Island Photodiary

Nami Island is probably the highlight of my whole Korea trip. I cannot find the word to describe how enamored I am to the area. Everything looked perfect, the snow, the scenery -- everything was like brillliant and glowing. It was like walking on a fairy tale. However since I cannot express what I feel and thought of the trip, I'd rather let the photos do the talking. This will definitely be photo heavy.

We had a 15 minute cruise to Nami Island (although I cannot remember the place we came from). So at the stop over, we played with snow -- a lot.



Hello, Nami Island.
If there's something cute about Nami Island, it is the numerous cute little snowman standing on each stalls there.


We had a tasty barbeque lunch (I tell you I never enjoyed chicken barbeque the way I did in Korea) and our tour guide, Mama Miki treated us with Korean Pancakes. I love Korean pancakes! Their like a better, bigger and softer version of my favorite Piyaya and I'll never get tired of eating it. (I'm suddenly craving for one).

Nami Island is sch a beauty. For those who don't know, Nami Island is the place where they shot the Korean Drama Winter Sonata. Since we're feeling Korean, I encouraged my friends to pose with me Koreanovela style. With my workmate / photographer Francis looking like a Korean dude, I took the oppotunity to emote and pose like a Korean star.


I also took photos of our company's photographer along with his wife. I love how they look so happy here.
 How I wish Paolo was with me on this place. This could have been a perfect place for our pre-nup. Honestly, Im secretly wishing that Paolo took me here (instead of Singapore) and propose in this place.

Nevertheless, I made him promise that we go back here together and spend some romantic time.

Hope you like this post!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Sef T. said…
thanks for bringing us to Korea with the help of your blog. i thought kuya catch was with you. nagpunta din kasi siyang Korea e. anyhow, it was a good blog post.

Sarvin Sidhu said…
nice shots!
Miko Carreon said…
waaaah!!!!! how many hours travel to nami island from seoul? and how? lol! excited na akO!
Zomg! kimchi and snow!! when p ko mkakahawak ng real snow! envy you dear! hoping to experience this too! xx
eyahnism said…
Oh my gosssh! your so lucky that so so so urgh!! Im jealous! Now I wanted to see your korean hauls :)
Franc Ramon said…
The photo playing with the snow look real cool and even the other pictures are nice too.
Jenniya said…
Sooo nice photos! Perfect nga talaga for prenup shots diyan. Love the trees.
XX, IamJenniya
aiz kim said…
Nami is really special...I visited the place last time we went for a vacation in Korea> It was Autumn so we did a little of bike ride like that of Winter Sonata...hihi. Love your photos!!!
Miko Carreon said…
ano sinakyan going to nami? :)

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