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 Hello guys, I'm finally back! I've been to Seoul the past 3 days and stayed at Gangnam Novotel where internet connection was at 5,500 Won (P200+) per hour to 22,000 Won (P2000+) per day. Since I enforced myself on a strict budget, I decided to not avail it (except for an hour to facetime with Pao) and steal wifi on nearby places to post something online. Anyway, my Seoul experience, even if really short was so overwhelming that I cannot stop talking about it to family and friends since I got back. I was able to experience winter, wear winter clothes and eat food that I never thought I'll eat (like Kimchi). I am really thankful that I was rewarded with this for the job I performed last year.
Anyways, before I go on and tell my Korean experience, let me first share with you what I wore the first day of our incentive trip -- well technically, on our way to Korea before I put on all clothes / thermals underneath the coat I brought with me to the plane.
Since we were warned that the temperature will be on negative degrees, I brought with me a thermal wear, 2 jackets and long socks so I would wear it upon landing on Korea. However, since we were going to the fashion capital of asia, (in my opinion) I decided to dress up a little more and play with accessories such as stocks and scarves.

Of course I have to keep myself warm so I brought with me my favorite leather jacket. It's actualy fun to layer clothes the way I cannot do here in Manila. For the first time, I wore knitted stockings I also never thought I can pull off.
Dress: Cousin's  | Stockings: Forever 21
Leather Jacket: My Own Thrift Shop 
Scarf: Naturalizer
Shoes: Bass (My Mom's boots 10-15 years ago)

I practically enjoyed Korea because I was able to wear clothes and have that certain mood every day of my stay -- grunge, london inspired and royalty -- which I will post really soon. I hope you liked what I wore and my little side stories. Tomorrow I cannot wait to share with you my travel experience!

By the way, many thanks to my work mate, Francis Lanuza for taking my outfit photos. I feel so lucky I have a workmate who's fond of photography as much as I'm fond of posing in front of the camera.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Mish Rendon said…
You look so adorable, Rovie! Love the combination of that girly dress with the tough leather jacket. :)

xx, Mish @
Belle Lopez said…
Love love your outfit Rovi :)
Mrs. A to Z.♥ said…
aww cute dress! the jacket adds edge! wish i can visit korea someday!
Ruby Ricafrente said…
All I can say is that your dress is so fabulous and your workmate is cute!
Franc Ramon said…
You look so vibrant here. Looking forward reading about your visit in Seoul.
nice! the sudden layering of outfits! Love your look here deaR! xx
Arya said…
the shoes and the jacket!!!! and in Seoul? PERFECT!
Frances Tracy Villaruel said…
You look so cute and adorable!!! :))

-xoxo, FRANCES
--from DAVAO--
michymichymoo said…
I'm excited to see the winter outfits! :)
cool!! I really like the shoes.. so cute!!! and bass is an amazing brand.. :)
Pretty Ugly said…
That's one cute outfit... and you look happy! :)
verna joyce abril said…
so jelly of you right now! I wanna go to Seoul too :(

cute yung guy na kasama mo,hehe
The shoes are cool!!! Iba talaga yung dating gawa :) Imagine 10-15 years ago!!! I love the lookey!!! And Ang gwapo ng photog mo ate Rovi haaha :))) Shhh!
Sumi Go said…
Love your outfit here sis! :) When going to Seoul nga naman, it's important not to just keep yourself warm, but also still be fashionable ;) Anyway, can't wait to read more about your trip to Seoul! :D
☆ Lhyzie ♥ said…
Love your outfit too! Lalo na un shoes!
Arra A. said…
Really cute dress Rovie! The outfit reminds me of an ice princess/figure skater less the skates :)

Bella Morcen said…
Ang cute mo babe! Anyway, new camera mo yan? Nice lens! <3 Nice seeing you yesterday!
P.S: Parang same na naman tayo ng shoes? :))
MissApriil said…
Natuwa naman ako sa name ng place where you stayed, Gangnam Novotel :))) Grabe, it was just last week ata that I saw nakakuha ka ng visa to Korea, now you're already back in Manila :))
Kai Grafia said…
Super nice outfit sis! I just love the way your dress creates that illusion of being a super sparkly dress! <3

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