Too Many Collectibles? Ibenta mo na at SULIT.COM.PH! :D

If you will ask me, CLOTHES are girls' best friend. I don't know if you can relate but I'm the type who tends to shop for a lot of clothes (and shoes for that matter) for no reason and pile them up. I even tend to hoard during sale season and end up buying sizes smaller than me and leave them unused.

With all these clothes and shoes that I have, I always consider putting up blog or garage sales. I have joined a bazaar months ago but for me it is still not enough to sell more items (and make me earn more).

Since I want to sell just my pre-loved and new but unused clothes, shoes, bags faster and to a wider reach, I couldn't think of the best avenue to do it but in SULIT.

Sulit / is the Philippines' #1 Buy & Sell website which includes free membership and free ad posting. Sulit actually started in the house of Filipino founders RJ and Arianne David last Sept. 11 2011 with a capital of P2,400. Currently has a thriving community with 1.9 million members (aka Sulitizens). Sulit averages 7 million pageviews and 700,000 unique visitors DAILY and received more than 2 billion total pageviews last 201. Sulit won numerous awards including Best Website from the Philippine Web Awards and is the no.1 local website in the Philippines.
 I remember my friend who was able to buy a second hand Ford Focus at in a wonderful condition. Other than sulit's wonderful achievements, people's experiences are something that make me trust sulit even more. So if you're looking for something, and thinking of selling your stuff, go to and start clicking!

For more information please visit SULIT's facebook, twitter and instagram

 Much Love
The Bargain Doll

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Aintzane Zamora said…
We have something in common...not that i sell my clothes too but because i also do shop clothes smaller than my size and end up not wearing them :D I have clothes here too that I bought a year ago and still not able to use it :D
- GiG Love
Earth Rullan said…
i know what you mean about hoarding! but I don't like sulit interface much too many going on so confusing i wish they make a better interface
Jenniya said…
Nice clothes Rovi! I can relate with buying and left unused.

I am Jenniya
Irene said…
I visit Sulit most of the time and bought from some sellers but I would suggest to change their interface just like Earth mentioned. It's a bit confusing and may be lazy to look at.
Kaye T said…
I wish I could hoard on clothes too, but after giving birth and now working on losing weight, I'm really trying shop on clothes minimally. I always see this website on other blogs esp on Philippine based blogs. Not sure what it is, but now I know! heheh! And they even sell cars? That's really interesting! I will check it out and maybe introduce it to my mom, baka interesado syang magonline shop. ;)
wow this is another way to go! in malaysia we have site here called to sell your second hand clothes shoes and accessories they even have new stuffs as well. though its all for fashion lng. no appliances or something. THis is a great idea for philippines! xx
Carizza Chua said…
i laways go to sulit to buy rare items!

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