A Cup For Two

If there's one drink I will never give up, that will be coffee. My day cannot start without a cup of coffee in the morning and will never last without a second cup in the afternoon to perk up may day. So when Luca and Tosh invited me to grace their opening, I did not hesitate. Even though we had to travel all the way to Subic, it was all worth it because I tasted one of the finest coffee I ever tasted.

Howver, because Luca and Tosh is so photogenic, Paolo and I took the chance to take some candid photos during our quick star at Luca and Tosh.
Situated at Eastern Petroleum Station at Subic, Luca and Tosh promises to serve coffee at its finest. Brewed from imported beans such as Guatamela, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Colombia, Luca and Tosh will give you a coffee experience you would definitely appreciate. Whether iced, hot, espresso or siphon, Luca and Tosh will give you a coffee experience in a much affordable price. 

Smelling and Tasting the coffee 101. Something nice to know :)
Orders actually take time because all coffee orders are freshly roasted on the spot.
They also serve tea for non coffee lovers!
So for those who are in Subic / Pampanga are, or just planning a trip to Zambales, drop by at LUCA and TOSH and get that coffee experience! It is located at the second floor at the Eastern Pertoleum Station (near Shakeys and 711)

Much Love, TBD


wow.. you are so sweet talaga!! kainggit!! haha.. like the place especially the menu board.. feels very homey..
Patricia Tan said…
You're lucky to be invited! plus I like your whole get up :)
Franc Ramon said…
I'm also a coffee-holic and can't start my day without a cup of coffee. I'll try this place when I am in Subic.
michymichymoo said…
Yan! They have a photo na! I though talaga internet shop sila because of the logo (psychology of colors pa, etc etc, I'm a nerd). :P
What a really nice place! I am addicted to coffee too and I start my day by having one cup with cream :)) Great place!
Bian said…
Beautiful post, Rovie!!! :)))
Hello Rovie, Great Photoblog! Hope to see you soon :)
Pretty Ugly said…
You, two, are super sweet! Lovely photos too. :)
jhen said…
those coffee looks hmm! I like the scent of coffee but I'm not into pure coffees xD I prefer some drinks that are coffee based as long as its taste is kinda sweet. Nice shots btw! plus the place is nice! A nice place to chill! :D

xoxo. http://www.ostarey.info/
super sweet nmn ng mga photos! kinilig nmn aq dun! hah natake over ang coffee opening ng loveteam! xx
조이 Czjai said…
Aww, lovey dovey couple! Parang pre-nup lang o! :)
Julie Lan said…
haha you two are so cute posing for pictures!! love it :D
Anne said…
I don't dig coffee ever since! Even though I wanted to stay late at night, I don't depend on coffee. I just hate bitter drinks (even the coffee has a creamer or sugar, it makes no difference to me). But I'm loving the place! But is it really dark in there? Or it's just the matter of camera lighting? (;
MissApriil said…
And I thought these were your official pre nup photos! Cute!

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