Birth Month

I could not think of a better title for this outfit post (which I 'm finally posting after 1000000 days, LOL!) but because I'm wearing red and my birthday is fast approaching, I decided to entitle it Birth Month. Anyways, I'm loving this red peplum dress I got from Freeway. It looked so feminine and sophisticated so I wore it for a dinner / party with Paolo and my cousin when we went to The Fort a couple of weekends back. 
The dress was so sexy on its own, I did not have a hard time styling it up. Good thing my cousin was creative enough to take these photos while we were walking along BGC (obviously outside Dimensione)
I apologize for my stifness. Haha!
However, the usual photographer has to have his own sets of photos so here you go.
Dress: Freeway | Shoes, Earrings and Bangles: Forever 21

Anyways, I have mixed emotions on my upcoming birthday. I have been very busy lately that I do not have much time to actually do things, blog much cause I'm too preoccupied with work. By the way, The Bargain Doll is turning 2 and I would appreciate it if anyone would be nice enough to celebrate with me and collaborate for a giveaway. :D

Speaking of giveaways, I have one on going, so please join and click! :D
Much Love, TBD


wow!! love the over all outfit!!! love the accessories!! love those earrings hihi!! it this open worldwide? So i can join if ever hehe xx
Lourdes Espanol said…
You look so sophisticated. Love the dress...
Megann Monday said…
I had the pre-bday jitters too before. I guess it happens :) Hope you have a wonderful March though! Ang bilis ng taon. Hope to see you naman soon. Miss you sister!

MrsMartinez said…
Nice red dress! Happy anniversary!

Blair Villanueva said…
Happy anniversary Doll! You deserve this prettiness. :) Check out the awesome collaboration of Rihanna and Kate Moss at
Green Monday said…
it looks like a post valentine event which is sweet and very pretty. Indeed great for a dinner party with your special someone, advance birthday greetings too.
Earth Rullan said…
love the cuff and the dress very classy :)
Angelique Misa said…
Lady in red. :) This red peplum dress looks elegant :)
jenaspacio said…
Happy birthday, Bargain Doll! I'm so loving the cuff! :)
☆ Lhyzie ♥ said…
the dress looks good on you sis! :)

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