Candy Crush + Paradise Treats Giveaway!!

Happy Easter people! I've been on a Holy week hiatus on the blog (primarily because I wanted to spend a lot of time at home, doing some household work-that I rarely do). I'm now really excited to update my blog because I have A LOT of sweet surprises for you guys!
However, first things first. Let me share with you an outfit I wore last Wednesday, when I accompanied Paolo do his errands, met with my wedding coordinators and met with a friend at Rockwell. The heat was scorching so I decided to wear sheer to at least look and feel fresh for the day.
I'm really glad that the Paradise Treats top and maxi skirt I'm wearing are both made of sheer! It helped me beat the heat without sacrificing my wanting to wear maxi for the day. Also, the colors are so perfect for summer -- which reminded me a lot of this addicting Facebook game called Candy Crush
I tell you, Candy Crush is so addicting Paolo and I usually spend our day together not talking but playing Candy Crush on our idle time. We don't know what's on the game but it gets us frustrated (because it is so difficult) that we cannot move on from what we are doing until we finish one level. I really hope Paolo finished this game already so I could have my normal fiance back. Haha
Sheer Top: Paradise Treats
Maxi Skirt: Paradise Treats
Necklace: Anagon Collection
Arm Candy: From 168 Divisoria / My Lola
Ring & Earrings: Forever 21
Shoes: People are People
Bag: Freeway

Since I told you guys I have a lot of surprises in store for you, let me start one by having a giveaway courtesy of Paradise Treats! We both want to make your summer really nice by equipping you with some sheer pieces! Read below for more:


All you need to do is to fill the RAFFLECOPTER form below:

Happy Joining! :D

Much Love
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Trisha Kue U said…
LOVE THE OUTFIT! <3 Pretty in pink <3
Lyrech Zamora said…
You're pretty. Love the outfit. And wow huh, you're getting married na pala. Congratz in advance. I can't wait for the wedding photos :)

I joined the giveaway too ;-)
ganessa archival said…
So pretty! i love everything from the colors to the acessories. :)
I like the sheer effect of the outfit, it feels really light and breezy, perfect for summer! Plus those earrings look gorgeous on you! :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
I love giveaways and the prizes look really nice. Will love to join this one.
the outfit is so pretty!! love the colors <3
hihi, candy crush is so frustrating especially when you only need one move more to finish but then it became game over~
Franc Ramon said…
The bride to be is getting prettier by the day. I'm not hooked on candy crush but hooked on 4 pics and 1 word. You look great here.
singlemomsupermom said…
Joined your giveaway and would really love to have new set of clothes to compliment the season. Never had the chance to wear colorful clothes and this would be nice start. hehehe. Me too is addicted to candy crush that I get frustrated when I don't have any lifes left. hehehe.
Carizza Chua said…
happy easter rovie! looking great ha! im loving your summer look!
Ava Te-Zabat said…
Love love your adorable arm candies!:) and aww haha I'm glad you have someone to share your candy crush frustrations! I don't!:)) Lol! It is definitely addicting!
i so love your shoes! summer feel to the max dear! nice bag too!
Deann said…
Loving your shoes darling!! Bet na bet ko! Haha! And I agree about the colors its so so summer! Wow you're getting married? Congratulations! ;)
I love everything: the sheer top and skirt, the shoes, bag, and your accessories, especially, the earrings! I haven't tried Candy Crush, though.
Kim Nieves said…
Your outfit very much shows how joyful Easter is! I love the play of colors, and your accessories truly made this look stand out!
Rhea Bue said…
ganda ganda mo babe!! ikaw na!!! :D I so so miss you na :( kelan tayo magkikita uliiit?
bea mauban said…
I love the ensemble of this outfit, very lovely! hope you can check out and follow my new blog thank you :)
Chic Out of Town said…
I was hoping if you would like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect and other social sites.- Chic Out of Town Blog
whooooaaa would love to join the contest but im sure d din kakasya to saken eh! haha im plus sized! boooohooo :/
Erica said…
so pretty!!!! :)

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