Basing from the first 2 photos above, you would know why 'Haggard" is the title of this blog post. Well obviously, Paolo took my outfit shots an afternoon after work (last Monday, to be exact) where I did not bother to re-touch my make up. So pardon my not so pleasant, kaduper oily skin and very evident eyebags, cause I was a bit rushing to take shots before the sun sets completely.
Chose to wear this blazer over my purple peplum Freeway dress to achieve that "corporate look." However I still chose to wear white on top of it to make the look young and happy.
Yet, the dress can actually stand on its own. Looks really sophisticated, right?
Necklace: SM Accessories
Watch: Freeway (Botong Francisco)
Shoes: Syrup (People are People)
I love this Botong Franciso watch :D

Anyways, it was Paolo's first time to roam around Eton Centris that afternoon so he took a couple of shots. It's funny cause he lives so near the area but never had a chance to visit until I dragged him there for some photo-ops.
My fail selfie moment.
Yes define haggard!

Speaking of haggard, have to make this post really quick as I have to sleep extra early tonight! Will be joining Eat and Run tomorrow at Mckinley (my first run ever, thanks to Franc Ramon!) so I have to be extra energized :D

Good night guys! Enjoy the weekend :D

Much Love
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


Mrs. A to Z.♥ said…
i think you still look pretty, rovie! good luck with the run!! i haven't been to eton :(
Thanks for the tips. But you don't look haggard at all. You still pretty even after work,, :-)
It's Me Kaye said…
Still looking gorgeous and fabulous esp with the bag....and I mean the MK bag! :D I would look worse than this back when I was still working. Now I look more like a yaya than a professional na.. story of my mommy life. lol! Btw, I hope you could join my giveaway? :)
natawa aq dun sa selfie moment haha pero ang glaing prng creative xa hehe love you blazer ana bag dear! xx
Your selfie moment well... :> Nice!
Love your haggard look, while I can relate beacause most of the time , that's my look :> But yours is still better than mine tehehe~~~ ^.^
K said…
Haggard aside, I think you looked realy pleasant in those heels! :) www.lovingsunshine.com
Lilpink said…
well, if that's haggard, you pulled it very well. kudos.
yung fail selfie moment, i feel relieved. at least, di ako nagiisa. hahaha
Lourdes Espanol said…
I love the shoes and the accessories. Lovely!
haggard it may seem but your enthusiasm and beauty always remain.
kahit na haggard, keri pa din Rovie, you still look nice. natawa din ako

sa fail selfie moment mo :)

Travelona said…
Ganda pa rin kahit haggard look. The dress look stunning on you.
조이 Czjai said…
Haggard but still looking chic! :)
I feel you sis but still pretty! :) I really love your outfit! I'm a fan of purple/lavender too because it looks elegant. Super love your shoes!!!
Geoffrey Ledesma said…
I can totally relate to the "haggardness" after work..lol
Kai Grafia said…
You dont look haggard at all Rovie! :D I love the dress on you and the blazer looks tres chic! <3
Franc Ramon said…
You still look fine here despite being haggard Rovie. It was nice to meet you in the run.
Love your dress and your necklace Rovie! :D I hope you're able to rest na. I was that haggard also after every work day. :)

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