Scarf Print


I remember editing these photos on our flight to Korea but I got so busy that I wasn't able to blog it. Fortunately, I'm working now with my own laptop (I always prefer using Paolo's ultra fast PC for blogging) that I remember to finally share this now.
I wore this more than a month ago, one Sunday to stroll along Trinoma. I probably watched a movie that day with Paolo but it was also the weekend where after so long, I was able to see Jacky (finally) to hand me a formal dress that I borrowed. I missed you Jacky and I hope to see more of you again!

Anyways going back to my outfit, I decided to wear this scarf-printed top I thrifted weeks back for the scorching, summery weather. I'm not sure if the trend is still on, but I'm happy that I was able to at least acquire one for a cheap price of P30. Paired it with my super favorite skort from Mapleberry -- which I find very versatile and summery and because I don't own that many sandals, had no choice but to wear the high gold heels that easily matched my yellow skirt.

Necklace: Bubbles
Bangles: Oh My Garment
Shoes: Forever 21

Also, I remember Paolo and I having dinner that Sunday and playfully took photos of each other. We took close up shots of our most favorite part of each other's faces. 
I love his eyes & nose
While he loves my nape.

Okay I'm blushing as I type. Anyways, I have to end this now as I still need to go over and review for an exam at work tomorrow. Well honestly, I might not as I'm distracted on reading 50 Shades. I'm on the second book now, which I find better compared to the first one. The first one is erotic and annoying, wheras the second gives me that romantic hope (still very much erotic though). 

Your thoughts?

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


I love your top. You look fabulous dear :)
Franc Ramon said…
The bright scarf print made your face even lovelier.
omg so love that shoes!! nice scarf printed top!!! ganda ng patterns nila noh!! xx
Betina said…
such a delight seeing a anther stylish kababayan!!!

hugs from NY,


The Boyfriend Project
Shania said…
You have a very short and fat legs. You should know more on how to pose so you wont look so bad on your pics. also i suggest you trying another angle for your shoes, your feet looks so big and like about to collapse. I mean im a reader and your blog is so fun. Though its innocent and sometimes i dont understand why you point out YOU FEEL RICH in your outfits as i was reading old posts. I mean, dressing up shouldnt be about looking rich or feeling rich, its supposed to be a passion for style and an interpretation of yourself. Though you should smile more often the one showing your teeth. You look beautiful.
Jawaher Banico said…
You look elegant!
kenny said…
love everything! the print of that top reminds me so much of morocco.

Pinoy Wit said…
Lovely. I wish I could dare to wear printed blouses too. I think I'd look like crap though. :D
arip santoso said…
Great Blog and thanks for many informations, that is very usefull for me, i hope i will see more new informations again in next time
Ganessa said…
Great fashion idea for summer... the print is awesome ♥

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