Silver Linings


I obviously got the title from the movie Silver Linings Playbook not just because I am wearing silver (which is really obvious) but also because I fell so in love with the movie! I watched the movie a couple of weeks back and I was personally touched on the story. There are scenes where I almost cried cause seriously, having someone you love suffer from such disorder is a big challenge. However, before I dwell on this and bore you guys, let me go back to outfit posting.
I wore this sexy, sparkly Una Rosa dress (that I got on sale) during my birthday weekend at Clark with the lovey dovey. We wanted to dress up a little bit for dinner (at Cafe Mesa) and decided that it was the perfect time to wear this sophisticated dress.
Oh how I love sequined dresses! It makes dressing up so easy --- no need of too much accessories (or I just forgot to bring some during the trip).
Because of my lack of accessories, decided to wear another studded item -- my shoes.
Shoes: Forever 21

Anyway, I have to go now (cause I'm always tired and sleepy after work) and have to make this short. But before I do leave, let me leave you with the fiance's OOTD shot too!

I hope you like this post :D

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


haven't seen a movie in the theatre or cinema for a long time already! hoping to see one very soon! mybe a horror movie scene hehe. love the look! looks gorgeous! c boyfie uma-outfit photo din! nakaktuwa haha xx
wooooow so cool! love your sequenced top! <3 I miss going to the cinemas! its been ages! ohgod!
MissApriil said…
Nice dress you got there, sis! Compliments your body shape very well!
SirenasWorld said…
I like your shoes ! your outfit is cute !
Franc Ramon said…
Silver is such an elegant color and you carried it well Rovie.
Kai Sensei said…
hi rovie! missed you na! Love your elegant silvery look.. as usual.. shining glittery splendid! :)

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