Summer Colors

Okay. So I was supposed to blog about the AFC's Eat and Run event I joined last Sunday but my phone died while I was retrieving photos. So I'd post another summer related photos (since I'm making up for the lack of time I spend for blogging.
Florals and wide pants -- these 2 are my favorite summer pieces. Its the only time I believe that wearing too much floral is legal and wont look like I am tranported from the 1970's. Anyways, I wore this to Shangrila the past weekend to feel super duper comfortable with some sheer and flowy outfit.
Earrings, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet : From 168 Shopping Mall
Oh did I mention I dropped by Divisoria? Gosh I was so overwhelmed on how the accessories are so cheap there! The bib necklaces were sold for just P150 (which is P200-350 on other shops), P60 on the ring & earrings and P10 on the bracelets! I literally hoarded like there's no tomorrow while I was there!
Wedges: SO FAB!
Palazzo Pants: Foxy Fashion Hub
Top: Gift from Aunt
Of course, my always favorite and reliable timepiece, VELOCI from LTIMESTUDIO
Since I was just talking about hoarding bargain items, I'm ending my post with this cutie patootie case I got from Edsa Central for a super duper cheap price :D

Wishing you all a fruitful Holy Week! 

Much Love
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Thess Enriquez said…
Nice floral blouse and flowing pants. It looks good on you as it makes you taller and slimmer.
Franc Ramon said…
Looking forward the AFC post. Your definitely in tune with summer in your outfit.
Mrs. Kolca said…
I love your watch so much. It is so summery. I wish I have one in pink! <3
Patricia Tan said…
Florals, pleats, bold and bright colors are perfect for summer! I love the palazzo pants! <3

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