3 (Bazaars) in a Day

It was last Sunday, there were too many "events" a.k.a "bazaars" happening that weekend that made Paolo and I went to 3 of those. Because my fiance loves me so much, he accompanied me to 2 bazaars, while in return I went with him to an auto-show (which seemed fair, right?). So let me first start my semi story telling by photodumping the first bazaar we went to -- the Bazaar for All Season

Our couple shot. Thanks Denise for the photo! :)
One of the reasons why I went to BFAS was to see my blogger friends! Since this year started, I've been very busy with work (plus alloted hours for gym) that I rarely get to attend to events and even have some bonding time with them. I'm really glad that after 48,000 years, I was able to see them again. 
Hello Style sister Arnie!
With Denise, my super idol when it comes to making cobweb necklaces!
I missed my loves Bella and Bebe!! :D Oh, their booth is amazing!
Raiza, Rhea, Kat and I
Wee my thinspiration Kelly!
Too bad Christine wasn't there when I stopped by (the photo in my phone is so labo!) But, I get to buy items from the bloggers' booth :D
Of course, dropped by the booth one of those who support my blog! Thank you so much Paradise Treats for the support :)

And after a quick stop at BFAS, we went to the Manila International Autoshow at World Trade Center (from ETON Centris) to give way for Paolo's interests -- CARS.
Since we're in a give and take relationship, I decided to go with Pao to window shop and discover the latest in cars. I had a little bit of fun checking out the new models but what made the event exciting is the fact that Paolo is considering buying one (after our wedding)!
Paolo's Dream Car- The Toyota 86
Personally, I'd choose this over all the cars I've seen in the expo. This one has huge space in a reasonable price. (Talk about value for money). Well, I hope when the time comes that the fiance / will buy a car, he will consider my opinion. (Well he probably should! Haha)

But wait, there's more!
After a round of clothes / car shopping, Pao and I went to another bazaar at NBC Tent to visit the booth Creme Dela Femme. Creme Dela Femme is owned by one of my best friends (since high school) Dio, and we went there to show our full support and raid her booth!
Crazy! The clothes ranges from P250-P500! (Visit https://www.facebook.com/cremedelafemmefashionne?fref=ts for more)
I am so proud of my friend that I got inspired to create my own online shop as well (watch out for it soon!)

It was quite a long Sunday for us but very fulfilling! I get to see friends and show my support to them, and even got excited in future planning. I would love to tell you more about it but its already 3AM in my clock and my eyes are involuntarily closing and I need to go to bed.

Hope you enjoyed this semi long photodiary.

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Love Cynthia said…
Where did you get that cat ears headband? Super jolie! xx
simonescloset said…
i love this post rovie!!!:) namiss kita ulit!!!:) and pagrab ng photo nyo ni Paolo!!!:) ang cute!!!:) haha
Franc Ramon said…
Wow, you have all the energy to attend three events in a day. You even rocked the auto show.
Sita Carolina said…
wow... Sounds like an amazing day!

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zomg! super love your sunglasses dear! those cars are so hot!! and so are the bloggers with you! xx
megannmonday said…
After this post, I therefore conclude kayo na ni Arnie ang magkamukha. Hahaha! Miss you sister!


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