A Little Edge + ANAGON Giveaway!

I always try to look edgy once in a while. To tell you honestly, Edgy / grungy is a style I've been meaning to wear but somehow I cannot find the courage to do it often. Probably because I lack the creative ideas how to wear it (just like how my blog idol, Kookie Buhain does it) or I always end up picking girly dresses whenever I shop. So when I decided to cut out the denim shorts (that originally my mom owned for more than 20 years ago), I had to urge to wear something edgy and pair it up with a cropped top from Creme Dela Femme and the high cut military boots that I thrifted way back.
I wore this outfit yesterday, when I went to 3 bazaars with Paolo. Yes, you read it right, 3! We first went to Bazaar For All Season at Centris, then (to give way for Paolo's love for cars) to Manila International Autoshow at World Trade then lastly at the Carnivale de Rainhas Bazaar at the Fort. I intentionally wore flats cause I know I'd do a lot of walking but because I made sure to wear boots (even though it was scorching hot yesterday).
I was probably in the mood for excessorizing yesterday that I was wearing a lot more accessories than I used to. I am definitely in love with my Anagon Collection pieces (or anything Anagon, per se) that I keep on wearing them again and again!
Sunnies from Les Moda. I just bought it at Bella Morcen's booth at the BFAS minutes before I took my outfit shot and I was like "wow the shades definitely goes well with my outfit so don't I wear it?" Haha. Anyway I'll tell you more about my great finds at the BFAS (and my wonderful experience next time).
I've already told you that the top is from Creme dela Femme. It was actually a cropped top and despite my wanting to wear it and expose my belly, I decided to not to (yet) because I am still not proud of my tummy (I will soon when my abs start showing up as I sweat from working out).
Divisoria bracelets, Freeway watch
I mentioned above that I did cut this denim shorts (out of boredom and because it is too old) and I am thinking to style it up a little bit more by DIY-ing certain things on it. I still don't know how to start but I will definitely blog about it soon!
Thrifted military boots
There are times that I'm thankful that I'm size 40. If not for my huge feet, I will not fit on this boots that I found on the male section rack at the thrift store.
Outfit Recap:
Top: Creme dela Femme | Shorts: DIY
Shoes: Thrifted | Bracelets: Divisoria
Headband & Necklace: Anagon
Sunnies: Les Moda

Because I think I've said a lot and I'm afraid I've bored you too much, let me excite things a little bit by giving you guys a giveaway courtesy of Anagon!

Because I love Anagon and she loves The Bargain Doll readers, we are giving away cutesy items from ANAGON COLLECTION. Just fill up the rafflecopter form below and win the following items!


Just fill up below

Happy joining!
Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Kim Nieves said…
You look fantastic with that Anagon headband and necklace, and I love your cropped top!
MsEarth Rullan said…
Wow! These are Anagon collection? I defo love her stuff! Oh your outfit reminds me of bumblebee Big Mike haha
love the shorts dear!! cute outfit! adding the ears headband looks more adorable!! xx
Nice outfit sis! Love the kitty ears! <3 You look fab!
Gen-zel said…
Nice outfit! I also love to wear edgy outfit sometimes but I just don't like how people stare sometimes :|
Hannah said…
I'm familiar with this place! Hehe. Love the cat ears and boots. You look good :)
Calvin Berbenzana said…
Nice ! Keep it up. Hope to win :">
Jawaher Banico said…
This is cool!
Franc Ramon said…
The black and yellow combination reminds me a bee. A pretty queen Bee at that. =>
Lovin' your look. Hip & fun! Lemme have your hairband. Lol kidding!
Geoff Ledesma said…
You're rockin this look
Nina Mercado said…
Cool outfit! :3 and I'm joining the giveaway hoping to win :)
Joined the giveaway sis, haha! :)
Bella Morcen said…
Glad that I saw you at the bazaar! Thank you so much for buying at Les' Moda babe! When tayo meeting? <3
Rosalie B.Tangonan said…
joined :)
Raine said…
Great pics & awesome giveaway-thank you!

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