As I write this blog post, I can feel my sweat dripping over my back. The summer heat is so intense that I get to feel very uncomfortable in every little movements that I make. However, despite the fact that the weather is scorching hot, I must say that summer is one of the seasons I most love. Why? Because I get to dress up in overflowing accessories, abstract prints, loud color and sexy dresses without looking inappropriate.
So when Paolo and I went for a quick date last week, I decided to wear this sexy abstract printed dress that I bought from Arnie's booth at the Bazaar for All Season. I was quite hesitant to buy it at first (because Arnie is 10x thinner than me) but because I cannot resist the beautiful prints (which was from Forever 21, by the way) I decided to buy it (because I love the dress and I love her).
 Actually I realized that I bought almost all of the stuff that I'm wearing from Bazaar for All Season. Take for instance this Melissa Shoes I bought from Kat Valdez' booth, sunnies from Les Moda / Bella Morcen's booth and necklace from Crave More / Christine Liwag
Owl Necklace: Crave More
Braclets: Divisoria
Love the back details.
Melissa Shoes from Kat Valdez
Sunnies from Les Moda
My self - chopped bangs.

I love this flaterring dress so much but this set of outfit photos made me realize that I need to work out more (look at my puson) that's why I'm making this  blogpost short as I need to hit the gym in a while (naks healthy living).

By the way, have I told you that I'll be starting an online shop soon? Yes! Because I'm getting married and i need extra income I decided to sell accessories online. It will be nice and very affordable (No accesorries will be sold over P200!) I hope you can support it when I launch it! 
For the meantime, here's a glimpse of what I'm gonna sell on my online shop. And oh, I'm naming it HIGHLIGHTS ACCESSORIES.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by:
Paolo Peralta


jefftan said…
Just my 2 cents, your blog post will look much nicer with better organize of your images and wording

Nice dress though!
Earth Rullan said…
wow ! congrats to your online shop! lovely rings ha! and I love your dress!
Chai Chen said…
Indeed! Can't resist that kind of dress! Haha! Lovely Rovie! :)
Following you now dear :)
Happy weekend!
Franc Ramon said…
Bright colors and more comfortable outfits are now definitely. Now to deal with the scorching heat.
OH MY GOSH. ANG SEXY MOOO!!! You look so great with that dress, twin! Thank you so much for buying it. The dress now has another gorgeous owner ♥ I LOVE YOU!
Ava Te-Zabat said…
The dress is fab!:) Soooo geometrical!!:) And good luck with the shop! Love the bangles!
Jenniya said…
You look fab!

lovely... I so love your photos and your site is awesome! <3

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