I Feel Like Flying

Top and Floral Pants: Creme Dela Femme
Ring: Sarah Tirona
Necklace: Highlights Accessories
Shoes: Parisian

Despite the fact that I would love to tell a lot of things about this outfit, I'd keep this short as I have to wake up 4 hours from now for our company training. (Yes work and work-out has been eating a lot of my time lately!) Anyways, I wore this outfit last last Saturday, when I attended the Lipton Travelling Tea cup event at Cravings C5. It was the perfect chance for me to wear this floral pants and super nice cape from Creme Dela Femme that i instantly bought the moment I saw it during the bazaar. Although some may find it awkward, I paired it with my floral shoes from Parisian. I don't know if my floral x floral combo has worked but because its summer time, I'm making it a justifiable excuse to mix and match outfits.

Your thoughts? :)

PS: Sorry for the short entry! Have to hit the sack now :D
PSS: If you're wondering why I chose the title, its because
Much Love
The Bargain Doll

Photos taken by Arnie Villanueva


Ava Te-Zabat said…
love the floral combination! flower power! hehe
Franc Ramon said…
The floral prints is just perfect for summer.
Lizzie said…
I love your shoes and floral pants. Perfect!
Maia Rose said…
wow!!saw those shoes in SM CITY! you made me want to buy them!! love the pants on you as well!! new follower here!!

Ishna said…
In love how the shoes and the pants look good together! :)
Ishna said…
In love how the shoes and the pants look good together! :)

Sumi Go said…
I really like your outfit sis! I'm not a big fan of floral x floral, but I definitely dig your top + bottom combo. The cape makes the outfit really light and summery too~ Anyway, hope you're not stressing yourself too much.
Rhea Bue said…
Yay! so prettyyyy babeee!!! <3 <3 <3 love this look! so fresh and super bagay for summer! :)
I love you sexy girl!!! :*
Kero said…
The nude sheer blouse is stunning! you are spring ready my dear..keep the sweet, lovely looks coming
Green Monday said…
looks really refreshing, your all ready for summer. i love the flower pants.
Kai Sensei said…
Floral and Whimsy ang peg mo na pala ngayon! LOVE IT! I didn't find the floral x floral too much.. pwede na! hehe.. its summer time naman! hehe.

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