I'm a Little, Happy Cat + Bazaar For All Season Passes Giveaway!

I'm sure you already know where my cat's ears headband is from. Yes you're right, its from no other than Anagon Collection! You guys know how fond I am of everything anagon -- form the bib neckleckace, to the headband, Anagon creates wired accessories out of creativity and love (naks, syempre!)
Dress: SM GTW
So when I got this package from Anagon (along with your giveaway prizes, yes you read it right, I'll be holding a Anagon Collection giveaway really soon), I literally leaped for joy!! Super saya ko lang to receive something like this from Anagon, especially I'm a huge fan of her and of course, her creations! So like a happy kid, immediately wore it to my out of town trip last weekend, took some outfit shots and walked around with it like a proud little girl.
How cute the headdress is :)
Accessories: All are from 168 Divisoria -- that I got for P10-35 / each
And it actually looks good on your boyfriend too! That's Paolo's best cat impersonation (which sucked, right!)
Again, many thanks Ana! :)
(I swear, stay tuned for my Anagon Collection Giveaway soon!!)

Speaking of giveaways, if you wanna shop for the latest fashion finds and raid the closet of your favorite bloggers go to the Bazaar for All Season this coming Apr 6-7 at Elements Tent Centris 9AM-11PM. If you want free passes, just fill the rafflecopter form below:

Much Love
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Franc Ramon said…
You make a sweet looking cat here and Paolo looks like a cat who haven't eaten for a week. =>
love all the funky colours!!! cute ni boyfie mo ms bagay sknya head band I think hahaha xx
MsEarth Rullan said…
purrfect headband :) I love Anagon, btw galing bargain doll talaga lovely accessories! btw, been meaning to ask are you half of something other than Pinay? :) you look hispanic / european
조이 Czjai said…
Love the outfit, Rovie! Simple yet elegant. The accessories give the look a funky vibe. :)
It's Me Kaye said…
Cute accessory! I saw one from Laureen Uy too. Bagay sa mga bagets! hehehhe! Not for me, for sure. You look pretty as always... :)
carachuchay said…
OMG I love your cat ears headband! I think I can wear it all day everyday haha!

Love the dress too :)
MrsMartinez said…
I saw a girl wearing cat ears headband inside a mall. Looks cute on you!

Kai Grafia said…
Kawaiiiiiii! I love your kitty ears and those over-sized accessories! <3 You look super pretty!
Mrs. Kolca said…
Your dress is simple but it looks pretty and expensive. Happy summer dear! :)
animetric said…
I want kitty ears! :D
Meow! I love it! :)) I borrowed something similar from Rhea and wore it to the club! hahahah It definitely got some attention. You stand out as well! :D

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